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Right from beings handled by different people of the family, to going out for play and leisure, there are more than one ways in which pets accumulate germs are parasites. While this may be extremely harmful to their health and well-being, these may also have an adverse effect on their owners by leading up to conditions such as food poisoning, ringworms, lyme disease and toxoplasmosis amongst many others. All of this makes it more than imperative to take out time and put in efforts towards pet wash and care. 


  Cat And Dog Brush – Pro Quality Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

For those who have pets, the importance of a good, trusted cleaning brush is almost insurmountable. Whether it is the fur of dogs, or that of cats, it is bound to get disoriented every once in a while and sometimes so much so that it starts giving a mat appearance, thus diminishing the beauty of your beloved pet.  Not only does this disorientation of fur leads to unwanted tangles, but also results in an astounding growth in the day-to-day shedding of hair.

While this problem is persistent, there is one solution for all pets grooming that can help you tackle it in the most effortless manner is through the use of a Cat And Dog Brush. While there are many varieties of brushes that are available in the market, our team of experts recommend the use of the extremely popular Pro Quality Self Cleaning Slicker Brush. Let us understand why so.

Firstly, the slicker brush is meticulously designed in a manner that it can cater to all pets grooming needs, whether it is a dog with a heavy coat of fur, or a meek cat. Next, the slicker brush comes in an ergonomic design that gently removes the tangles while giving a soothing massage to the pet’s skin. Then, if used regularly, the slicker brush ensures that the coat of the pet gets back its inherent shine as well as that much desired softness. Moreover, the gentle strokes of the brush helps in improving the overall blood circulation of the pets, while also removing dust particles and flies that might be present on the top layer of the pet’s skin. 

Thankfully for its users, this impeccable brush comes with a slanted design thus making it easy to use, even on the naughtiest of pets. While it is more than convenient to use, it is suggested that the brush is held sturdily for it to perform the intended function. Comprising of a solid wooden handles teamed with its metallic bristles, this slicker brush ensures that all the dirt, along with the stickiest of matter gets removed from the fur coat, thus making it look as good as new.

Designed to ensure that your pet is as comfortable as possible, this is one grooming tool that has gained immense popularity amongst pet owners. However, before you begin to use it, we request you to abide by the following guidelines to enjoy a hassle free grooming session with your pet.

·         Use a conditioning spray on your pet to ensure that is coat is misty. Using the brush on a slightly damp coat will keep the breakage of the hair to the minimum possible. However, make sure that the coat isn’t too wet as it might lead to tightening of the tangles, thus making your job tougher.

·         Always use the brush right from the skin of the pet, towards the end of its hair. Be careful of not using the brush too harshly, lest it might scratch the pet’s skin.

·         If you feel a tight tangle while using the brush, try to loosen the same with your fingers. Hen, use the ends of the metallic bristles of slicker brush to gently remove the tangles. This can be done by moving the brush in different directions. You will need to work on the tangles till the time you can easily brush through it. However, you must be very careful not to pull the hair. 

·         It is recommended that the slicker brush is used around the torso and legs of the pet. Using it around the face might irritate the skin of the pet.

With the consistent use of the brush to groom your pet, you will witness a commendable change in its stress levels as it feels extremely relaxed and at ease. For what it’s worth, the effort you take to groom your pet will also lower your blood pressure, thus improving your overall heath. Moreover, the process will help you keep a close eye on your pet and point out any ailments or illnesses such as infections, wounds, lumps etc. quickly.

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  Cat And Dog Shedding Brush – Chirpy Pets Dog and Cat Brush for Shedding

Most pets including dogs, constantly shed hair which are either old or damaged. While shedding is a usual process, there are certain breeds of dogs which comparatively shed more. Moreover, the frequency as well as the amount of hair shed also depends on the season, as well as the health of the dogs.

This consistent shedding can often prove to be daunting for the residents, especially if there are children in the house or anyone who is prone to nasal irritations. Moreover, the hair often gets stuck to the furnishings as well as clothes, which give the home a messy appearance. In order to do away with all such inconveniences, one must adopt ways that help in minimising the frequency as well as the bulk of shedding. One of the most efficient ways to do the same is through the use of a renowned dog shedding brush.

As per the recommendation of our experts, the Chirpy Pets Dog and Cat Brush for Shedding is one of the best dog shedding brush, one can get his hands on. Thanks to its astounding design, this brush promises of removing up to an incredible 90% of the loose fur from the pet with great ease. What’s more is that this brush comes in a stainless steel design, which makes sure that it isn’t harsh on the pet’s kind. In order to keep the brush protected from any external damages, it is provided with a protective cover. Furthermore, the brush comes attached to a handle which is both sturdy and comfortable to hold. 

More often than not, walking around with excessive and unwanted loose hair can prove to be stressful for the little one. Not only does it make them prone to various itches and allergies, but also causes them to shed hair wherever they go, making them a cause of irritation amongst people. This dog shedding brush has a unique way of removing the loosened hair with great ease along with ensuring that the pets are relieved of all mental as well as physical stress. As is the case with humans the process of grooming acts wonders for the overall health of the pets making them more energetic.

Moreover, this process ensures that you, as an owner get to spend some quality time with your fur baby, thus strengthening the bond between the two of you. Not to mention, regular grooming will allow you to spot any discrepancy in the health of your pet rather quickly. In case of cats, the process of grooming considerably reduces the uncalled for instances of cat vomiting, caused due to hairballs engulfed by the cat as a way of self-grooming.

In addition, using a dog shedding brush ensures that the loose hair do not damage your furniture, soft furnishings or clothes to a large extent.

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  Free Standing Pet Gate – Richell Wood Freestanding Pet Gate

For everyone who has ever owned a pet, the importance of a pet gate is something that is truly undeniable. As much as one would love to have their pet roam around with complete freedom in and around the house, there are occasions when it is extremely important to create some boundaries between the pet and other areas of the house, which can be only taken care of with the help of a retractable dog gate. But before we divulge the details of our top pick in this categorybased on the recommendation of our team of experts, let us take a look at some of the indisputable benefits of using a retractable dog gate in your house or workplace-

·         The gate will ensure that your pet friend stays confined to its own area, without invading your privacy.

·         You can be completely at ease when you have guests over, as your pet will not interrupt your quality time with them.

·         In case your home has a set of stairs, which might prove to be hazardous for your pet, theretractable dog gate will help you ensure that your pet doesn’t hurt himself.

·         For time when you’re cooking a special meal, or wish to get done with your household chores real quick, you can confine the pet to a designated area so that you can work at the desired pace, without the little fur baby being underfoot.

·         The retractable dog gate often comes in very handy when you wish to create boundaries between your little ones and the pets, or between two different pets, so that they can enjoy a quiet time with themselves.

·         In case you wish to go out for a few hours, the retractable dog gate will allow you to leave your pet in your balcony, or a room of your choice, so that you can rest assured of the fact that your belongings will stay unharmed while your pet still enjoys his freedom of movement.

Given the umpteen advantages of the same, it is highly advisable that you invest in a fine quality retractable dog gate such as the Richell Wood Freestanding Pet Gate. Designed for openings ranging from 26.4 to 40.2 inches this gate is ideal for puppies, mid-sized dogs as well as cats. Constructed beautifully with fine quality hardwood, this pet care product is offered with rubber feet which help protect the floor from unwanted scratches.

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  Car Seat Cover For Pet – BarksBar Original Pet Seat Cover for Cars

There are a large number of people who are often required to make short as well as long distance road trips with their pet friends. While the journey is almost always memorable, what seems to be a hindrance is the worrisome experience when the pets soil the seats or scratches them unintentionally with their claws. It is at this point in time that the need for the best car seat protector becomes inevitable.

For what it’s worth, the benefits of the best car seat protector such as the BarksBar Original Pet Seat Cover for Cars are immense. Some of the most notable benefits of this product that will convince you of its need for your car are mentioned below –

·         It will help protect your seat from pet bites. In today’s time cars as well as all their interiors have become exceedingly expensive and maintaining them has become more important than ever before. Hence it is important that the seats or other furnishing of the car remain undamaged for as long as possible. Thanks to the best car seat protector this is now possible, as your pet will not get the opportunity to scratch the covers or bite in to them while travelling with you.

·         The car seat cover will undoubtedly make your pet feel much safer. Given that the BarksBar Original Pet Seat Cover for Cars is made of a more than comfortable material, it will ensure that your pet will feel completely at ease, while sitting atop it. All you need to do is to install the cover securely such that it isn’t loose on any end. That being done, your pets will enjoy a hassle free journey with you!

·         For what it’s worth, best car seat protector will enable you to clean your car set with great ease. Almost all the toilet-related accidents will be prevented thanks to the protective seat cover, which will eventually protect your seats by the way of minimising the damage. The car seat protector can be cleaned up with great ease the moment you reach your destination, without you having to spend your precious money on car cleaning services.

As far as the BarksBar Original Pet Seat Cover for Cars is concerned, it can be conveniently used in case of both, a hammock as well as a standard bench coverage. Provided with Velcro openings for seatbelts as well as seat anchors, this car seat cover will snugly protect your seats, without sliding around. Made of waterproof polyester, this seat cover essentially offers great durability along with an astounding comfort level. Thanks to the side pockets offered in this seat cover, you can easily store handy items such as toys, pet accessories or treat that will be required by your pet during the sojourn. 

Thanks to the best car seat protector, your car seat can now remain spike and span without so much as a sign of pet hair, fur, dirt or saliva on them, not to mention bite or scratch marks!

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  Pet Bed For Cat And Dog – MidWest Deluxe Bolster Pet Bed for Dogs & Cats

For all we know, our pets need as much comfort as we could possibly give them and even more, Not only can a good night’s sleep go a long way in making our pets feel more relaxed and help us in training them better, but it will also keep hem physically as well as mentally fir, which is rather important for their wellbeing. While a good diet and a healthy exercise routine play a vital role in ensuring a sound sleep for our pets, yet another factor that holds immense importance is their bed. As pet owners it is obligatory for us to understand the importance of luxury pet beds and avail the same to our pets,

 As per our team of experts on pet health and upkeep, the MidWest Deluxe Bolster Pet Bed for Dogs & Cats is one of the most befitting solution that helps keep our pets comfortable, and offer them a more than relaxed place to sleep in.

Designed meticulously in a way that it caters to the needs of pets of all age groups, right from the meek newly-born to the anxious ageing pets, this luxury pet bed features a comfortable poly/cotton base. The most important feature of this luxury pet bedis the fact that it is facilitated with bolsters on all the four edges, thus offering the pets wit a place to rest their head. Completely washable in machines, these beds are highly durable. Available in as many as 4 different colours, these fleece beds also differ in the size that they are offered in. The requite size of these luxury pet beds can be easily judged by the size of your pet.

Ideally designed to be used in the case of cats, puppies as well as large-size dogs, this luxury pet bedacts as both, a standalone bed, as well as an add-on to various pet related furniture such as crates, vehicles and even carriers. Perfect to be used in dog-houses, this bed is 100% machine washable, while also being dryer-friendly making it an extremely useful, yet easy to use and maintain as and when required without any problems, whatsoever.

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  Grooming Scissors Kit For Pet – Pet Magasin Grooming Scissors Kit

As a part of grooming our pets, more often than not, we are required to trim their fur coat. This is especially required in cases when their fur is either too long, or when they shed more than usual. It is in this case that a pair of two of dog grooming scissors become more than imperative. As per the suggestions of our team of expert groomers, the Pet Magasin Grooming Scissors Kit is one of the best set of dog grooming scissors available in the market that suffice the needs of most dog owners.

This kit, essentially comprises of two pairs of scissors, one meant for the torso of the pet, while the other designed to be used on smaller, more sensitive areas such as the face, nose, ear etc. Both the dog grooming scissorsin this kit come with rounded tips to ensure complete safety of the furred animals. The scissor meant for use on the body fur is comparatively longer, while that meant for the face and paws of the pet come with micro-serrated blades for greater accuracy.

This set of dog grooming scissorscomprise of fine quality surgical blades that ensure greater durability. Pre-sharpened to perfection, these blades are designed in a way that helps them snip though the tickets of fur with great ease. 

Offered with cushioned handles for added comfort, these dog grooming scissorsare availed with an extra finger rest each for greater ease of use during longer grooming sessions.

Meant to be used by both right as well as left-handed people alike, these dog grooming scissors are sure to stand through the test of time.

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  Pet Travel Portable Bag – Petsfit Pet Carrier Soft-sided

For everyone who has a pet, and loves to travel with them, a superior quality pet travel bag is more than essential. While the bag needs to be handy while having ample space for the pet to move his limbs and feel comfortable, it must also be designed in a way that it is feasible to be carried around on airplanes along with other casual modes of transport. Here are some of the must haves of an efficient pet travel bag:

·         The carrier should be designed in a way that the pet enjoys ample circulation of air, so that it doesn’t feel suffocated.

·         The carrier must be strong and sturdy enough to ensure that the pet doesn’t get out. This is very crucial as umpteen owners have experienced such mishaps while on board.

·         The carrier must be such that it is approved by a vast majority of airlines, so that you do not face any last minute hassles while travelling.

·         The carrier must preferably soft sided, so that it snugly fits under the seat of the aircraft you chose to travel in.

It is for these very reasons that the Petsfit Pet Carrier Soft-Sided, wins the vote of our experts in this category.

A soft sided carriers such as the one offered by Petsfit helps your pet breathe freely while on the flight, without it being squeezed when moved under the seat. Not only does it conveniently fit the space provided under the seat, but also ensures that the seat is not damaged in any way, whatsoever. This pet travel bagare facilitated with built-in pockets that allow the storage of important items such as toys and treats for your pet. Thanks to its intelligent design, it allows the flow of air from as many as three directions, for the maximum comfort of your pet.

One of the most unique features of this pet travel bagis that it is offered with a special pop-out patio that offers the pet with additional room to move. With an internal frame that stands on its own without any efforts, this foldable travel bag ensures maximum comfort, both for the pet as well as the owner! Thanks to its sturdy yet comfortable carrying straps, one can conveniently move around with this pet travel bag.

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Most pets are infected with various germs, which have a way of spreading through their faeces. Right from affecting a person’s health through ailments such as fever and diarrhoea, these parasites might also adversely affect our internal organs, not to mention their ill-effects on pregnant ladies and even unborn children. It is for this very reason that certain precautionary measures are suggested for all people who are pet owners, or who live in the vicinity of pets. Some of these are:

·         Wash your hands thoroughly, after coming in to contact with your pet. This suggestion also stands for the times, when you’re required to touch the pet’s cage, its tank, food bowls or litter trays.

·         Children should be taught how to take measures related to cleanliness while dealing with pets. Furthermore, it must be ensured that they imbibe the hygiene routine, as a part of their play time with their favourite pets, and never fail to adhere to the same.

·         Pets must always be kept off-limits from the kitchen area, as food is one of the strongest carrier of parasites that might lead to ailments in the human body. In fact, if and when possible, they must also be kept at a distance from the dining area. The litter bowls as well as the food bowls of the pets must be cleaned regularly without fail, to ensure that germs and parasites font get a breeding ground.

·         Pets must be give their separate food and water bowls which must not be used for any other purposes. This simple yet imperative practise goes a long way in ensuring that the pets do not cause any harm to their owners or other members of the family.


That being said, the importance of pet wash and care cannot be undermined. In fact, for all we know, constituent grooming and maintenance of hygiene of the pets is something that is crucial, both for their well-being as well as the overall quality of their life!  It is for this reason, that our team of experts in pet grooming have consolidated a list of 7 best buys for every household with pets. 

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