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The joy a woman experiences when she learns that she is pregnant is impossible to express in words. There is a glow on the face, a spring in the step and a general feeling of expectancy.

There are approximately 4 million births in the U.S. These births take place after pregnant mothers successfully overcome the travails of pregnancy. It is reported that 50 to 70 percent of pregnant women experience back pain. It is also reported that there are 600,000 miscarriages. It is further reported that 14.5 percent of pregnant mothers suffer pregnancy complications.

These statistics indicate that pregnant mothers should look after themselves properly so as not to endanger themselves or the unborn baby inside the womb.


 Abdominal Back Support – AZMED Maternity Belt, Breathable Abdominal Binder, Back Support, One Size, Beige

A woman is a lucky human being (as compared to a man) because she can conceive and grow a baby in her womb and deliver the baby after going through 9 months of pain and pleasure. The pain is understandable as subtle changes to the woman’s body occur and the pleasure is also understandable as the mother goes through the emotions that creating a baby brings.

Back pain in pregnant women is a natural phenomenon simply because the weight of the growing fetus in the womb causes strain on the back. There are other reasons for back pain such as release of hormones, stress and poor posture.

Back pain cannot be avoided but can be minimized. Among the many ways in which back pain can be minimized are wearing comfortable shoes, using a pillow while sleeping, exercising in consultation with physicians, taking medications prescribed by doctors, using a heat pad and wearing a support belt.  

The abdominal back support is a useful device that helps to support the back during pregnancy. There are many support belts available on the market. We have tested various back support systems among hundreds of pregnant women and we find that the abdominal back support offered by AZMED is the best pregnancy support belt on the market.

The belt is made of elastic material to be able to stretch and contract with movements. The belt redistributes the additional weight of the fetus to reduce strain on the back. The belt binder is made of material that is breathable and soft. Overall, the AZMED best pregnancy support belt comes in one size with impressive features and benefits such as

·        Compresses the abdomen gently minimizing discomfort

·        Reduces pressure on bladder

·        Improves posture

·        Improves circulation

·        Relieves pelvic and hip pains

·        Relieves stretching pains

·        Reduces spinal pressure

·        Performs the role of a mini cradle for the growing fetus

·        Reduces back pain post delivery

·        Fits abdomen size up to 46 inches

The best pregnancy support belt from AZMED is a great belt that is a boon to pregnant mothers. The belt has been rated very highly in our extensive survey done on hundreds of pregnant mothers over the entire period of pregnancy as well as post pregnancy. We recommend that the best pregnancy support belt be used even after child birth as the belt can help postpartum recovery faster.

We want to leave you with an actual user comment of the AZMED best pregnancy support belt in the survey which says, “It is extremely comfortable. I have worn plenty of abdominal splints and bands, and this is literally the most comfortable one.”

No wonder, the AZMED belt is the best pregnancy support belt on the market.

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 Abdominal Support Belt – Ingrid & Isabel Women’s Maternity Everyday Bellaband

Pregnant mothers are forced to make lifestyle changes to ensure a successful delivery of the bundle of joy that comes out of the womb after being nursed inside for 9 months. One of the changes to look out for is the clothes to be worn, especially the leg wear. Often, pregnant mothers do have favorite clothes and would want to wear them. Now, with a growing belly how could that be possible? Well! The abdominal support belt from Ingrid & Isabel helps to do just that.

The Bellaband from Ingrid & Isabel is a maternity band that holds up loose maternity wear and unbuttoned pants and at the same time covers the unbuttoned areas. The belt is stretchable to cover the whole abdomen and belly area. The belt received rave reviews from our test panel comprising over 75 pregnant mothers. Based on the test panel’s result we come to the conclusion that the abdominal support belt from Ingrid & Isabel is the best pregnancy support belt on the market.  We also tested these bands post child birth and we were not surprised that these belts scored well enough for us to declare these belts as best postpartum belly wraps on the market.

The best pregnancy support belt from Ingrid & Isabel comes with excellent features such as

·         Made of Nylon 84% and Spandex 16%

·         Ultra-soft material for absolute comfort

·         Provided with Stay-put silicone strip which holds the belt securely

·         Length sufficient to cover the belly completely

·         Seamless knit construction

·         Whole band stretches while in use and recovers after use

·         Available in 4 sizes

·         Available in 4 colors – black, white, nude and midnight

·         Usable from early pregnancy to post child birth

The Bellaband is the best pregnancy support belt, a versatile maternity accessory that lasts the entire length of the pregnancy and stretches to post child birth period as well. Mothers are advised to use the Bellaband best postpartum belly wrap till the time they are able to wear their pre-pregnancy clothes comfortably. In fact, the Bellaband best postpartum belly wrap helps them to recover to their pre-pregnancy trim faster.

The Bellaband best pregnancy support belt is so versatile that it can be stretched across the height from below the hips up to the breast. The stretchable material allows for the coverage to be extended as much as required. The best postpartum belly wrap will be very useful when the mother wants to attend parties or ventures outside for a breath of fresh air. The choice of four colors makes one buy all the colors to match the dresses one has.   

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 Body Pillow for Pregnant Women – Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow, Ivory

Pregnancy, while being unavoidable, can be made more enjoyable by using accessories to help cope with the many hardships pregnant mothers encounter. Among the hardships pregnancies cause is the change in posture and the consequent strain on certain parts of the body. People have used all sorts of remedies to relieve strain on the body and back such as multiple pillows to support different parts of the body. The researchers at Leachco, while creating devices to help relieve hardships of pregnant mothers came up with an incredible solution in the form of a composite pillow that can be used to support all parts of the body. Actually the design is patented by a registered nurse who is also a mom.

We scoured the Internet and brick and mortar stores in search of the best body pillows. We found the Snoogle from Leachco, which the company claimed was the best body pillow on the market. The company also claimed that the Snoogle was the best body pillow for side sleepers as well. To be fair to the claims, we put the Snoogle to test amongst our product testing panel comprising over 100 pregnant mothers. We are happy to confirm the claim of the company and declare that the Snoogle is the best body pillow as well as the best body pillow for side sleepers on the market.

 The pillow is a total body pillow that can be used to support any part of the body while sleeping or sitting. The pillow can be used innovatively to help relieve strain on different parts of the body because of the many features such as

·         Made of polyester

·         Can be used on tummy, head, back, knees, elbows and neck

·         Provides comfort and warmth

·         Removable cover for washing

·         Composite pillow follows natural contours of body to provide comfort where needed

·         Horseshoe shaped head allows adjustments for maximum comfort

·         Extra length for midsection to help protect the whole back

·         Can be used between knees or legs or elbows 

·         60 x 24.8 x 7.2 inches size

The use of Snoogle from Leachco is limited only by the imagination of the pregnant mothers. We urge you to try out the best body pillow on the market and let us know your innovative way of using the pillow. If you are a side sleeper, we bet that the best body pillow for side sleepers will test your imagination. We want you to really put the pillow to abuse and see for yourself whether it withstands all that you throw at it. We want you to try some yoga poses as well and see if the pillow can be wound round the body like a python does. 

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 Gender Testing – SneakPeek Early Gender Prediction DNA Test

There are people who are anxious to know many things before hand. They want to know who wins the elections or the T20 match or simply whether the pregnant wife is going to deliver a baby boy or a baby girl. Some countries don’t permit sex determination tests and punish those who do. However, wherever sex determination tests are permitted there are various ways in which sex determination tests are performed. Some are very expensive because these are done in elaborate laboratories in major diagnostic centers and hospitals. Additionally, one has to go to these places fighting traffic and also find time to make the visit.

SneakPeek has developed a unique early gender test that is very easy to administer and also inexpensive. The early gender test seeks a blood sample from the pregnant mother and tests whether the male Y chromosome is present or not by utilizing instruments with high technology PCR capability. If the test confirms the presence then the baby’s gender is declared as male and the absence of the chromosome decides that the gender is female. SneakPeek assures an accuracy of 99%. SneakPeek’s confidence in the early gender test results is predicated upon the use of a natural process that occurs where the DNA of the fetus is being shared with the bloodstream of the mother. 

SneakPeek offers to present the results within one day of sending the blood sample. The early gender test has many advantages such as

·         Fast track testing within 3 days of placing the order

·         High technology PCR technology used

·         Full refund if test result is wrong

·         Absolutely easy to administer the test

·         Email service for faster dissemination of result

·         99% accuracy guaranteed

·         Can be tested only after completion of 9 weeks of pregnancy

We were intrigued by the 99% accuracy claims of SneakPeek for the early gender test. So we commissioned a survey of pregnant mothers who had used the SneakPeek’s early gender test and sought information on usage and the comparison of the result with actual after the baby was born. We must say that SneakPeek was absolutely right on the accuracy as out of 275 pregnant mothers surveyed we found only 1 result to be inaccurate. That is an accuracy of 99.64%. 

So, if you want to know beforehand the gender of the newborn, you can do so with the early gender test from SneakPeek. Once you know the result you will have lots of time to plan for the baby’s arrival with the appropriate gender in mind while choosing the items a baby would need.  

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 Heart Beat Monitor of Unborn Baby – Womb Music Heartbeat Baby Monitor by Wusic

The process of procreation in human beings is amazing. From the time a woman conceives and delivers a baby over 9 months of agony and ecstasy would be felt. Though the travails of pregnancy and delivery of a baby are meddlesome, the ultimate joy when one sees the newborn in one’s hands is indescribable.

From a man’s point of view one of the enviable tasks that only a woman can do is to conceive and deliver a baby. The mother feels the growth of the baby in her womb and mentally and physically feels the baby’s movements. She lives every moment of the baby’s growth. During the course of the pregnancy there are changes inside the womb that manifest because of the development of the fetus. Among the developmental signals that the baby sends out are the baby heart rate represented by the baby’s heart beat and growth of limbs. The unborn baby heart rate is rhythmic during the fifth week of pregnancy but audible to the naked ear only during the 16th week. It is possible that the mother can feel the baby’s heart beats and conclude that the baby heart rate is fine.

Now what should the father do? He can at best place his ear on the mother’s stomach and perhaps think that he has heard the heart beat. For just such a requirement Wusic has devised a heartbeat baby monitor that converts the baby heart rate into beats that can be amplified to be heard by anyone listening with the monitor’s ear plugs.

The Wusic heartbeat baby monitor is a device that can amplify the unborn baby heart rate as heart beats and also amplify other movements and actions such as kicks and hiccups. The monitor comes with the following features

·         Non-invasive method of listening to baby heart rate

·         Two sets of ear buds for listening simultaneously

·         Excellent sound quality

·         Audio controls easy to operate

·         Recording facility for playback later

·         Contains digital download of Lullaby music personalized with baby’s name

·         Compatible with other audio devices

·         Uses 9 volt alkaline battery

The baby heart rate monitor is a fabulous device to have for expecting mothers and fathers to enjoy the baby’s development as depicted by the steady beat of the unborn baby heart rate. The parents can listen to the baby heart rate simultaneously as the unit comes with two sets of ear buds. Now both parents can discuss and enjoy the sounds made by the unborn baby. This device would be appreciated by all parents awaiting the birth of their child. With this device even the fathers can experience the growth of their unborn baby as it grows inside the womb. The baby heart rate monitor would serve as a wonderful gift to fathers who are expecting their babies.

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 Pregnancy Wedge – Boppy Pregnancy Wedge, Petite Trellis Grey

Pregnancy is a rare phenomenon that mothers undergo perhaps once or twice during their lifetimes. Just as any physiological development the baby undergoes development in the womb. The additional weight of the baby tells on the mother and she has to face some discomfort during the pregnancy. In order to help make the mother’s pregnancy as comfortable as possible several companies make available accessories that can be used by the mother. One such accessory is the pregnancy wedge which is basically a wedge pillow.


Boppy has introduced its pregnancy wedge which is among the best wedge pillows on the market. The pillow is built to be firm and moldable to be used as a cushion for the back and belly. It can also be used elsewhere such as between the knees. The best wedge pillow is easily transportable as it weighs only 3.2 ounces.


There is another accessory called as the body pillow which is a very versatile pillow that is quite large and occupies the whole of the bed. This pillow is great for in-home use. The best wedge pillow on the other hand is a good addition to the accessory collection because it is portable and it can be used anywhere and everywhere. Also it can supplement the body pillow whenever required.


The many features of the best wedge pillow include


·         Portable with a compact design

·         Slipcover is made of cotton and easily washable by hand or machine

·         Made of polyurethane foam

·         Can be used innovatively to cushion any part of the body

·         The slipcover can be easily slipped on or removed for washing

We tested the Boppy wedge pillow with members of our research and survey panel comprising over 200 pregnant mothers and the pillow came out as the best wedge pillow among the various types of pillows we tested. We have no hesitation in declaring the Boppy wedge pillow as the best wedge pillow on the market. We recommend that one should have this pillow for augmenting your resources for protecting the back or other parts of the body. We also recommend the best wedge pillow to be given as a gift to pregnant mothers you know.

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 Pregnant Car Belt – Dreambaby Bump Belt

The world is full of women who want to do routine things as much as possible while being pregnant. Very few people can afford not to because most women have to earn a livelihood and they are governed by rules in the work place where their maternity leave is limited. So, how do these women safeguard themselves and their unborn babies till the time of delivery? There are a host of products available on the market that help the pregnant mother negotiate the pregnancy comfortably. These include a variety of products that support the back, legs, arms, belly, hips and stomach.

Since women work, they may be driving themselves to work or they may be sitting in a car to go from place to place. By law, they are required to wear seat belts. The normal seat belts in cars are designed to wrap around the stomach area. Now, on a pregnant woman, especially in last stages of pregnancy, the strap may cover the bump area of the stomach and cause injury to the mother and the unborn baby. In order to prevent such an eventuality, Dreambaby has designed a seatbelt belt that will protect the unborn baby and the mother from any harm which may cause complications during delivery or even a miscarriage later.

Dreambaby’s seatbelt belts are made of nylon and designed to hold the car seatbelt below the bump. The seatbelt belts not only protect the unborn baby and the mother but also make the mother comfortable during the car journey. The seatbelt belts from Dreambaby come with the following features and benefits

·         Made of nylon and soft fabric cover

·         Easily portable

·         Can be used in different vehicles

·         Protects the unborn baby’s head and neck

·         Holds the car seat belt under the bump

·         Easy to install and uninstall quickly

We have collaborated with car companies and pre-tested the seatbelt belts before we recommend them. Our survey panel comprising more than 200 pregnant mothers in various stages of pregnancy have tested the seatbelt belts and given thumbs up for the Dreambaby’s seatbelt belts. We recommend pregnant mothers to never sit in a car without the seatbelt belt whether you are driving yourself or sitting in a car as a passenger. We also urge you to gift the seatbelt belts to pregnant mothers amongst your friends and families.

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There are a number of precautions that the pregnant mother is required to take as prescribed by the family physician and the gynecologist. Besides these, the pregnant mother can also look at other supporting accessories which would help her to sail through the pregnancy comfortably.

Back pain in pregnant women is a natural phenomenon simply because the weight of the growing fetus in the womb causes strain on the back. For this very reason there are abdominal back support systems and abdominal support belts which help minimize strain on the back.

Pregnant mothers undergo hardships during pregnancies causing strain on certain parts of the body. In order to alleviate these hardships the body pillow for pregnant women has been created.

There may be people who are anxious to know the gender of the baby and in order to help them early gender test by a gender testing process is recommended.

In order to help fathers and mothers to listen to unborn baby’s heart beat, there is a heartbeat monitor for unborn babies that amplifies the baby heart rate and the fathers as well as the mothers can hear the unborn baby’s heart beat.

The pregnancy wedge is a useful accessory which is portable and can be used anywhere including cars.

Many pregnant women drive around. To help them to wear seat belts in cars without harming themselves or the unborn baby the pregnant car belt is a wonderful accessory.

In the following listing we present the 7 best accessories a pregnant woman must use, including best pregnancy support belt, best postpartum belly wrap, best body pillow for side sleepers, best early gender test, best seatbelt belts, best baby heart rate monitor and best wedge pillow on the market.



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