Best Buy 7 Hiking and Camping Tools for Your Next Adventure

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As children we all remember the many times that we went hiking or camping whether it was with classmates in school or with our siblings shepherded by our parents. We probably liked the outings very much and may be made a mental note to carry on with the activity later in our lives as we grew up and commenced our college life or work life or started a family with kids.

Camping is also an outdoor activity involving an overnight stay amidst natural surroundings fairly far away from home and even civilization. Typically camping involves the setting up of a tent to be protected from the natural elements when we retire for the night looking up at the sky with its brilliant collection of stars and the moon and sometimes the planets.


 Survival Water Purification – Life Strawportable water filter

Did you know that water is the lifeline of any human form? Water is like a double edged sword. If it is clean water it helps you to stay healthy. If it is not clean it will spoil your health.

Probably, at home you are ensured of clean drinking water by the municipal authorities. However, when you travel outside of home such as when you go hiking or camping you need to ensure you drink clean and safe water. A report by Mayo Clinic suggests that a human being needs a minimum of 3 liters of water per day. If you are planning a camping holiday of say 5 days and you are 4 people then you need to carry a minimum of 60 liters of water just for drinking. Imagine how cumbersome it is to carry over 60 liters of water on a camping holiday.

While camping, there would be water available in a brook or a small river or a pond or even a small lake. So, availability of water may not be a problem but whether the water is safe is an issue. You don’t want to take chances, do you?

This is where we come in with a great solution.

·         We have explored 100s of survival water purification filters in the market keeping in mind your requirements for a safe, simple and convenient way to purify water.

·         We set stringent standards (independent testing for EPA standards for water filtration) for the survival water purification filter to meet before we could recommend it to you.

·         We have discovered an excellent product that will ensure safe drinking water for your camping holiday.

The product we are talking about is the Life Straw Personal Water Filter.

Life Straw Personal Water Filter is a survival water purification filterthat is a boon to the camper. It is a simple device that purifies any kind of water into clean and safe drinking water from any natural source that you find in your camp site.

·         The survival water purification filter is so innovatively designed that it does not use any power source.

·         It does not use any chemicals, even chlorine or iodine.

·         Further, it does not use any moving parts.

·         It weighs a mere 2 ounces and can be used for filtering 1000 liters of water.

·         It filters suspended particles of size 0.2 microns through filtering membrane technology.

Being just 8.86 x 0.98 x 8.86 inches in size, the survival water purification filteris simple to use.

·         You just insert the filter into the source and suck the water.

·         After a delay of a few seconds safe and clean water is fed into your mouth.

·         After satisfying your thirst you can blow the filter to eject the unfiltered water.

·         The Life Straw portable water filter filters out 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria.

Life Straw survival water purification filter has won

·         Invention of the Year awards from Time and Esquire magazines and

·         World Changing Ideas award from Saatchi and Saatchi.

It has been in the market since 2005 and has sold millions of units.

We recommend you to buy the Life Straw survival water purification filter for two important reasons.

·         One, it gives you clean and safe water.

·         Two, for every Life Straw survival water purification filter you purchase the company gives a portable water filter to one school child in a developing community for an entire school year.


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 Two person sleeping bag – Ohuhu Double Sleeping Bag with 2 Pillows and a Carrying Bag for Camping, Backpacking, Hiking

When you are on a camping holiday and you want to feel like at home especially in the night sleeping in your own bed snuggled up with your better half look no further than the two person sleeping bagon the market, the Ohuhu Double Sleeping Bag.

We have come to the conclusion that the Ohuhu Double Sleeping Bag is the best two person sleeping bag on the basis of a comprehensive research process that saw ten couples (married, living-in, falling into a relationship, and applied for divorce couples) and five three-member families each with a small child test it out on a camping trip organized by us. A survey conducted by Outdoor Foundation indicated that 64% of camping people were couples and 47% were families.

We have to tell you the reasons why the Ohuhu is the best two person sleeping bag. For starters, it is a large sized bag as big as a queen-sized bed. What is more, it can behave as two separate sleeping bags. After all, you can have an argument with your partner on a camping holiday as well and you want to sleep away from him or her.

As we mentioned the two person sleeping bag is as big as a queen size bed and we are sure you know what size we are talking about?

·         The sleeping bag can be compressed to a handy carrying bag of size 18.9″ x 11.8″ x 11.8″. This packing is made possible because the material used is polyester cotton.

·         The combination of materials used provides water resistance (polyester) and comfort and warmth (soft cotton filling). It can be used in temperatures up to 23°F

Ohuhu must have given its design team a clear brief and no wonder it gave a product that is really a two-in-one product.

·         It can double up as two separate units or as a single composite unit.

·         We forget to tell you that there are zippers on both sides so that entry and exit into the two person sleeping bag is made easier.

·         Additionally, entry and exit can also be accomplished from the head side or the feet side as the zippers are provided there as well.

As we indicated earlier, we had tested the two person sleeping bag with five families with a small child and the sleeping bag proved more than adequate especially for the child as it had the additional warmth of the parents besides the protection provided by the material used to make the sleeping bag. 

The sleeping bag comes with its own two pillows and not surprisingly the pillows fit in easily inside the carrying bag along with the sleeping bag. Don’t be perturbed by the look and feel of the material as there should be no doubt as to its durability and efficacy for providing warmth and comfort.

Didn’t we mention that there was an applied for divorce couple in the testing sample. Do you know what happened to the couple after the two spent their nights in the sleeping bag? They decided to withdraw their divorce papers. After all, they were using the Ohuhu Double Sleeping Bag. Now, don’t you agree that this sleeping bag is the best two person sleeping bag?


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 Best Camping Hammock – Eagles Nest Outfitters – DoubleNest Hammock

How often you have wished you could go camping and relax in a hammock reading your favorite author. Or, instead of reading the book on your couch inside your home you would want to read it outside between two trees hanging from space in a hammock.

Now you can do so easily with the Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO) – DoubleNest Hammock. We have chosen this best camping hammock for you because we selected this from twenty two different hammocks that we tested over a good length of time with actual hammock users. These test hammocks were drawn from the best available brands offline as well as online.

The hammock uses high quality material for its construction.

·         Its nylon material with triple interlocking stitching provides enough strength to support a weight of 400 pounds.

·         The best camping hammock is able to easily support two persons weighing 200 pounds or less.

The hammock is remarkable for its capacity to hold two persons as it opens out to a 9’ 4” x 6’ 2” size. If in the unlikely event you are alone, the best camping hammock can double up as a blanket as well. The holding capacity is secured by the use of aluminum wire gate carabiners with a line (nautical grade) to a wall or a tree or a boat mast. 

Some of the features of the hammock are:

·         At 19 ounces the hammock is light weight.

·         The hammock is easy to store, easy to carry and easy to set up.

·         The hammock can be encapsulated into a neat and handy carrying 4” x 5” size that is almost as small as a jackfruit.

·         The best camping hammock can be set up in a few minutes by following the simple instructions.

The hammock is so versatile that it is perfect for all situations besides camping, including lazing around in a backyard, boating and hiking. According to a report published in Critical Cactus, sleeping in a hammock has eight benefits and we feel everyone should try to sleep in the best camping hammock once in a while.

Among one of the main reasons why we have selected this hammock from a host of hammocks we have researched is the fact that the ENO – DoubleNest Hammock is the creation of two intrepid entrepreneur brothers Peter and Paul Pinholster. They dug themselves into the task of providing the world’s best camping hammock just as we dug ourselves into the task of searching for the best camping hammock in the world.

Here is a glimpse of what actual users said about the hammock.

·         One of them said, “Most comfortable sleep I’ve ever gotten when sleeping outdoors.”

·         Another said, “I still have this hammock and it is still going strong. Probably one of the best outdoor investments I’ve made. It’s my go-to item when sleeping outdoors.”

·         Yet another said, “So much portable fun! I love it! It’s very well made and comfy to sleep in and super lightweight!”

These three comments from real users reinforce our belief that the ENO – DoubleNest Hammock is the best camping hammock on the market.

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 Best Backpacking Stove – Etekcity Ultralight Portable Outdoor Backpacking Camping Stoves with Piezo Ignition (Orange)

Often, when we want to camp or hike outside we think too deeply and make a resolution that we will live as though in the stone ages. The resolution would include creating a fire by rubbing two stones on a pile of dried leaves. Perish that thought now that the Etekcity Ultralight Portable Outdoor Backpacking Camping Stove is available which qualifies to be the best backpacking stove on the market.

The stove is an essential part of any camping gear and one should never leave without it.

·         The stove uses stainless steel material for strength and aluminum alloy for lightness. The stove supports easily a pan of size 7” in diameter making it one of the best backpacking stoves available online

·         The stove can be stored in a very convenient plastic case measuring just 3-1/4″ x 2-1/4″ x 1-5/8 in size protecting it from damage during transit

The stove is made so as to comply with acceptable standards.

·         It supports 7/16 thread single butane/butane-propane mixed fuel canisters adhering to EN 417 European specification.

·         It also complies with the National Park Service, US Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management guidelines outlined in the U.S. for “Leave No Trace” principles for stoves with butane/butane-propane mixed fuels. The adherence to standards makes the stove absolutely clean as it leaves no soot or residues after use, perhaps, making it the best backpacking stove in the world.

The stove is phenomenally simple to set up and use. It comes with some excellent features.

·         The flame is controlled through the use of a control valve that is very responsive from lowest of low flame to the highest of high flame.

·         The built-in piezo-ignition system for igniting the flame makes carrying a match box redundant.

·         The best backpacking stove works beautifully in harsh and windy conditions as well.

During our testing process we received some excellent reviews for this particular stove.

·         There were campers who said they could cook a whole lot of things besides boiling water.

·         One user cooked readymade freeze dried meals.

·         Another reported that he fried bacon and eggs.

·         One of them even said he could make biscuits and sausage gravy, and for that he termed the stove as the best backpacking stove ever.

The stove can be easily dismantled for cleaning purposes. The user guide is so friendly that after dismantling you could reassemble it in a jiffy if you follow the instructions truthfully without cutting any corners. One of the instructions mentions that the stove can be cleaned with soap and water without affecting its functionality. One could also clean the pores with a safety pin. This aspect of the stove definitely qualifies the stove as the best backpacking stove.

The best backpacking stove is so handy that for a family that camps a lot the stove would be a wonderful gift for youngsters to set them on the road to a good camping life.

We must warn you though, be wary of neighbors and friends who would want to borrow this great stove if they set eyes on it and hence we advise you to keep it hidden from them.


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 Cool Survival Gear – Survive Outdoors Longer Origin Survival Tool

When we were testing survival tool products for making our recommendations we included one particular question which goes something like this.

Guess the packing size of the following elements of a survival kit:

·         Tinder-Quik fire starter

·         Braided nylon cord

·         Stainless steel wire

·         Sewing kit

·         Fishing kit

·         Compass

·         Folding lock-blade knife

·         Whistle

·         Small LED light

·         Fire Lite sparker

·         Retro reflected aimer

·         Buck Tilton’s 62+ lifesaving tips and techniques

·         Silicon waterproof gasket

We received responses that indicated the size to be upwards of 15 inches. However, the correct answer is given by the Survive Outdoors Longer Origin Survival Tool which measures all of 10.8 x 6.8 x 1.2 inches weighing just seven ounces.

Our extended research on survival kits with more than 100 users revealed some outstanding features of the Survive Outdoors Longer Origin Survival Tool (cool survival gear). More than ten tools are packed in a very compact package.

The cool survival gear’s package is indestructible as it is made of ABS plastic. The package is also rendered water proof by providing a machine silicon water proof gasket.

The cool survival gear comprises tools that would help in lighting a fire, catching fish, tying to a tree or a fixed object, finding directions, cutting small pieces of wood, creating a sound. We have researched each and every item in the cool survival gear kit and can vouch for their extremely superior quality.

·         The Fire Lite sparker, operated by one hand, gives more than 5000 sparks.

·         The braided nylon cord can handle a 150-pound force.

·         The sewing kit can repair almost any tear.

·         The fishing kit can help to source fish food easily. 

It is quite understandable that people can get lost in the wilderness. To help them find their way back the cool survival gear kit has some very useful tools.

·         There is the compass which is a liquid-damped compass and can be detached from the main package.

·         The folding knife has an alloy steel chosen for its edge retention and hardness.

·         The folding knife doubles up as a 100db whistle and an LED flash light with fifteen hours of run time. 

While the whistle can be heard up to a radius of one mile the cool survival gear also has another signaling device built into the package. The inside lid of the package serves as a rescue flash signal mirror that can send signals up to 10 miles in any direction.

In our study we found from among all the survival kits researched the packaging of thecool survival gear was the best.

·         The package is made of ABS plastic which is both hard to protect the tools inside and durable to last longer.

·         Its gasket ensures water proof property.

·         Other kits had different materials which corroded, caused tears and punctured affecting the quality of tools inside.

The cool survival gear is a fantastic kit to possess when you venture out next. It is the best that we can recommend because it is more useful than a storage case, more durable than a survival kit and more functional than a multi-tool.

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 Best Emergency Radio – iRonsnow IS-088 Dynamo Emergency Solar Hand Crank Self Powered AM/FM/NOAA Weather Radio

We have heard of 2-in-1and perhaps 3-in-1 gadgets. What we are recommending is a 5-in-1 best emergency radio. This radio has the following functions:

·         Multiple charging modes

·         AM/FM radio

·         NOAA radio

·         LED flashlight

·         Smartphone charger

The best emergency radio is a fabulous gadget to own though its name is a misnomer. The gadget features five functions that are extremely useful in any emergency situation. The most important function is the one where the gadget can be charged in multiple ways.

When planning an outing the best emergency radio could be charged at home from the mains. Away from home charging is accomplished in three ways.

·         Charging by cranking

·         Charging by solar panel

·         Charging from computer

Charging the best emergency radio by hand cranking is simple and a 1 minute cranking ensures the radio to be played for 5 minutes or the flashlight to be used for 30 minutes or the smartphone to be used for 5 minutes of talk time. Charging by solar panel is also easy when there is enough sunlight in the camping area. It may be noted that the solar charge is only a trickle charge and not a commercial charge. In case of need, charging could be accomplished by plugging into a computer if there is one and which has charge left in it.

The best emergency radio is a very good radio providing AM/FM reception. The radio can receive signals from over 15,000 radio stations throughout the U.S. provided it is within range of the station. The range could extend to about 40 miles for FM and about 60 miles for AM reception through the use of the retractable antenna.

Another important function is that of receiving signals from the NOAA broadcast to learn about weather conditions. The best emergency radio is capable of receiving weather news from stations broadcasting on the NOAA channels provided the broadcasting station is near to the radio.

The LED flashlight is a fairly bright one capable of lighting a small sized tent.

The best emergency radio is also capable of charging a variety of smartphones and other devices that are compatible with USB charging. Android phones, Blackberry phones, Gopro and Kindle devices can be charged. iPhones 5 through 7 can also be charges as are MP3 and MP4 devices.  

We have had the important task of vetting all the functions of the best emergency radio organized through the services of interested users. We gave several brands of radios similar to the 5-in-1 radio that we are recommending to over 35 users who used them in their camping outings. We asked them to test all the functions including the different ways of charging. We also asked them to test the reception of the radio signals and the performance of the flash light.

We sought opinions on a variety of other usage characteristics and based on their feedback we have recommended the radio and we have no hesitation in calling the iRonsnow IS-088 radio as the best emergency radio available online.

The best emergency radio comes in a very compact 5 x 1.6 x 2.4 inches size weighing only 7.2 ounces. The radio is sold with the following accessories:

USB Charging Cable

Retractable Antenna

Wrist lanyard

USB Converter

DC Cable

User Manual


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 Tying Paracord – TOUGH-GRID 750lb Paracord / Parachute Cord – Genuine Mil Spec Type IV 750lb Paracord

Used by the US Military (MIl-C-5040-H) – 100% Nylon – Made In The USA.

How many times have we regretted not bringing sufficient ropes to help us during our camping trip? Did we say rope? Rope is outdated and now it is the time of tying paracord.

The TOUGH-GRID 750lb Paracord is a tying paracord that is extremely tough. The standard paracord is 550 cord (supporting a strength of 550 pounds) made of nylon kernmantle rope. The 550 cord’s illustrious background is as follows:

·         Used in parachute suspension lines

·         Used by military personnel

·         Used to repair Hubble Space Telescope in space 

The TOUGH-GRID 750lb Paracord is a Type 4 Mil-Spec paracord that supports a clear 200 pounds more than the 550 cord. The TOUGH GRID tying paracord has the following specifications:

·         11 triple strands of 100% nylon material (550 cord has 7-9 strands)

·         Outside diameter between 5/32” and 3/16”

·         Guaranteed minimum 750lb tensile strength

The tying paracord can be deployed for a host of normal and emergency situations such as:

·         Bracelets

·         Wrapping tools

·         Hanging bear bags

·         Towing

The tying paracord is a must for people who enjoy outdoor activities such as:

·         Camping

·         Hiking

·         Cycling

·         Boating

The tying paracord is a tool that comes in handy in a variety of situations that cannot be foreseen always.

·         Often during camping in natural surroundings emergencies do crop up. For instance, a person might have been caught up in quick sand and the paracord becomes a life line to pull the stranded out of a predicament

·         While crossing a river the paracord can be used to tie-up belongings securely without the fear of losing them

·         The paracord can be used as a tripwire to be warned of predators

·         The paracord’s inner strands can be used as tourniquets to stem the flow of blood caused by injury. The inner strands can well be used as sowing thread to mend any tear found in clothing

These are some of the situations where a tying paracord becomes helpful. However, the uses of the paracord are only limited by imagination. More the imagination more the uses.

The good thing about the tying paracord is that it is very useful even in home surroundings where it can be used to solve a number of problems that constantly crop up. The para cord also serves as a good gifting item especially to growing children to help them in their outings or as members of a scout group.   

The TOUGH-GRID tying paracord is the same as the ones used by U.S. Military Cargo Parachutes.

·         The pre-shrunk cord is resistant to UV and abrasions.

·         It provides a minimum of 30% stretch.

·         It holds its color.

·         It is a cord that comes with a 100 year history of successful supply to the U.S. government.

The TOUGH-GRID tying paracord is thoughtfully packaged in convenient lengths from 50, 100 and 150 feet cords packed in bags. While 200 feet length cords are supplied in tubes, 500 and 1000 feet length cords are supplied in spools.  

We have put the TOUGH-GRID tying paracord and other branded cords through innumerable tests to ascertain the quality and utility of the cords so that we could recommend to you the best cords on the market. From our tests it is found that the TOUGH-GRID tying paracord wins hands down and it is the one we recommend wholeheartedly.

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Maybe from our recollections of the past we might have thought of the various things that we had utilized during our outings. It could have been a two person sleeping bag, a flash light, best emergency radio,and best camping hammocks, tying paracord, hiking stove, some cool survival gear and ready to eat food. Today is no different other than the fact that in today’s Internet connected world we invariably carry our mobile phones. However, we need other items to help us enjoy our outing and we have hundreds of items to choose from, all available both offline and online.

We have carried out extensive research on items that we need when hiking or camping. The research involved many interviews with hikers and campers on the hiking gear listand accessories they carried. Our research also involved testing of different brands of products such as Survival water purification, lightweight camping gear, Best weather radio and many others. We have followed up all research work with proper feedback and incorporated the feedback into our recommendations.

 Based on our research we have recommended the following gear list for your enjoyment during your next hiking and camping trip.

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