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The United States is a country where the gun population is over 300 million which means every person in the country has a gun. In reality, it amounts to about 3 guns per adult in the country.

Almost 90 million people in the U.S. own guns. These guns are stored in homes and more often than not they are not stored safely. Children have easy access to these guns and not knowing how to use them they accidentally fire them and cause grievous injuries to innocent people. Sometimes these injuries turn into fatalities. In 2015 a survey indicated that there were 278 unintentional shootings resulting in 194injuries and 88 deaths.

In such a scenario there are concerns about the safety of gun storage. Several states have formulated standards for gun storage including the California Department of Justice.

Keeping safety of guns when not in use in mind, several manufacturers have created products that address safety needs. The design features among these products include quick access to the guns when the situation demands. Products such as the biometric gun safe and handgun vault offer robust security features that include multiple access options such as combination lock or biometric access using fingerprints. For larger families who want to store and access more guns there is the multi gun vault that can accommodate 5 hand guns. 


  Biometric Gun Safe – Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe Model # QAP1BE

Every family that keeps firearms in their homes should be conscious enough to ensure that these firearms are not accessible to other people who do not know about firearms or children living in the house.

The safekeeping of firearms is paramount as otherwise it would lead to unpleasant consequences when ignorant people and children use them and fire accidentally hurting people in the vicinity. Traditional forms of safe keeping such as in cupboards or under the bed or in a chest of drawers do not serve the purpose as others can easily access such places. Further, if ever a firearm was needed to defend then it is difficult to access it quickly from such places.

In order to meet the twin objective of safe keeping and quick access for one’s pistol, Sentry Safe has designed a safe which is a work of safety, functionality and beauty personified.

The safe has been designed with great features that permit access to the pistol is quick and silent in case of emergency. The unique feature is that the safe can be operated with one hand silently while the other hand can be used for other purposes such as dialing help numbers.

The safe is provided with two levels of protection from unauthorized use. There is a standard combination number lock. Additionally, there is a fingerprint access control that can accommodate two different fingerprints. This feature essentially rules out accidental use by children or other ignorant people. The safe comes with a digital keypad that is programmable as well as an override key.

Silent operation is achieved by the compression gas strut that opens the safe. The strut also holds the top in open position for easy access to the pistol inside. The safe is also provided with a top that cannot be pried open.

Made with 12-gauge solid steel, the safe is constructed aesthetically and ergonomically to be highly functional, secure and safe.    

We have put this safe to rigorous tests in our test panel that consists of over 100 households with children and guns in their homes. The safe has been rated very highly by a large number of households enabling us to declare the safe from Sentry Safe as the best biometric gun safe on the market.

The best biometric gun safe, in our opinion, comes with impressive features that include

·         12-gauge solid steel construction

·         Pry-proof top door

·         Internal dimensions of 2.2 x 9.7 x 6.6 inches; can hold full size semi-automatic handgun

·         Silent operation via compression gas strut

·         Programmable combination lock

·         Biometric (fingerprint) access to two persons

·         Override key

·         One-handed operation

·         Complies with California Department of Justice Firearm Safety Standards

With the best biometric gun safe from Sentry Safe it is now possible for users to keep their pistols securely next to the bed while sleeping in the night. The safety and quick access features of the best biometric gun safe keeps the pistol away from unauthorized people including children. Further, if the situation demands the user can easily access the pistol with just one hand. 

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  Handgun Vault – Gun Vault SV500 Speed Vault Handgun Safe

Often, people get paranoid about devices, especially fire arms. If one has a license to hold a firearm at home, then one starts thinking of safety. What if a child gets hold of it and fires accidentally and injures someone? Thoughts like these can really unnerve a person.


Usually, a person thinks of the wardrobe, the closet, the safe or even under a set of clothes in the drawer to store the firearm. The problem with these usual places is the high probability of children finding the firearm in them. More importantly, the owner of the firearm should remember the storing place. Still more significantly, the owner would take an unduly long time to fetch the firearm in case of an emergency.


Paranoid people and even normal people should now thank GunVault for marketing a handgun safe that sends the paranoia away. The handgun safe is created keeping safety in mind with two options for locking and unlocking. The safe is secured by a combination lock in one option. The safe is secured by a biometric fingerprint scanner in the other option. The scanner can accommodate up to 120 fingerprints.


The vault has a revolutionary design wherein the vault door drops down on opening the safe enabling easy access to the firearm inside. The inside of the vault is lined with protective foam to ensure no scratches appear on the firearm. The lined interior makes the safe a good proposition for storing other valuables besides the firearm.


The shell of the safe is made of 18-gauge steel and constructed in a precise way that the door cannot be pried open with ordinary hand tools. The safe can be mounted almost anywhere – underneath a table, on the wall, beside a bed or even on the inside of a door. Once the safe is locked with the firearm inside it is safe from being opened by anyone who does not have the access code for the combination lock or a fingerprint which is not scanned and stored in the safe’s electronics. 


Talking of paranoid people, the safe offers a backup override key in the event the access code is forgotten.         


In our search for the best bedside gun safe on the market we included the safe from GunVault along with other brands of similar safes and ran them through our survey panel of over 100 gun owner families with children. We were really not surprised when the GunVault’s handgun safe stole the show and got an overwhelming response as the best bedside gun safe on the market.  


The many features of the best bedside gun safe from GunVault include


·         Digital pad that is accessible quickly

·         Revolutionary drop-down door for easy access

·         Heavy gauge steel construction

·         High strength lock mechanism ensures durability

·         Two backup override keys

·         Inside illuminated by an interior light

·         Soft lined interior to prevent scratches on firearm or other valuables

·         External dimension of 6.5 x 3.5 x 13 inches


The best bedside gun safe from GunVault is a must for every gun owning family to ensure a peaceful night’s sleep. Also, it is easily accessible in any emergency situation.

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  Gun Safe – Hornady Security Rapid Gun Safe, Black

According to a new survey from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety Americans spend 294 hours inside a car every year. Probably, most of them feel the need to carry a handgun inside the car to feel safer and be ready to defend if anyone tries to attack them.


There are places inside the car such as the glove box, boot, underside of the seat or the side pockets of the doors to keep the handgun. However, such storage locations have inherent disadvantages. Firstly, it is quite difficult to get the handgun out in case of dire need. Secondly, anyone in the car can access the handgun and fire it accidentally. This is more likely to happen if children are inside the car.


In order to help car users to feel safe and secure inside a car Hornady has introduced a gun safe that can be used inside the car. The gun safe is designed to be safe and secure while not in use. The features hosted by the gun safe permit the car user to access the handgun inside quickly in case the need to use the gun in defense arises.


The gun safe is constructed with 16-gauge steel that cannot be broken into easily. The locking system uses a 1/4 inch steel dual-lug for keeping the hand gun safe inside. The gun safe can be opened in several ways. The four-button keypad allows registering an access code. A sensor is provided to open the gun safe through Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) process. The safe can be opened by using any of the three RFID bracelets or the fob or the key card. The gun safe also comes with bypass keys.


The gun safe is versatile in the sense that it can be used inside a car or inside the house. The gun safe can be fastened in suitable locations using the cable provided. An adapter helps to plug the gun safe into a wall outlet.


As with any product that we recommend we ran the Hornady gun safe through our empanelled product testing team comprising hundreds of users across a wide cross section of people. According to a majority of the test panel members the Hornady gun safe is perhaps the best car gun safe on the market.   


The best car gun safe from Hornady comes with highly utilitarian features such as


·         Numerous access options, including RFID technology

·         Heavy duty solid steel construction

·         California Firearm Safety Standards approval

·         Can be used inside car or inside house

·         Cable for securing firmly

·         Adapter for wall socket

·         Spacious with dimensions of 15.5 x 9 x 3.5 inches


The best car gun safe from Hornady is a worthwhile safe to possess for users who travel a lot in their cars. Hornady’s RFID technology for granting access to the best car gun safe on the market is awaiting patent approval.


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  Pistol Gun Safe – GunVault MV500-STD Microvault Pistol Gun Safe

Owning a gun is quite easy in some countries. But keeping it safe from unauthorized access is another matter. The problem is more intense when a family comprises children who are inquisitive by nature. Children can easily access the gun when parents aren’t around and experiment out of curiosity. In the bargain, they may shoot accidentally and injure people who may be in close proximity.


Several gun safe manufacturers have created products that are innovatively designed to address various needs of gun owning consumers. GunVault has launched a pistol gun safe that is among the superior gun safes on the market. This superior gun safe is a compact unit measuring just 11 x 8.5 x 2.25 inches. The safe can be carried about quite easily because it weighs only 4 pounds despite its 20-gauge solid steel construction.


The gun safe from GunVault is an extremely useful safe to possess simply because of its great portability. The safe can be easily carried in a bag, day pack or a briefcase. The gun safe comes with two options for access – a biometric option and standard keypad combination lock option.

The access features provide safety from denying access to unwanted persons. The same access features provide quick access to authorized persons having the access codes.


Another unique feature in the superior gun safe from GunVault is the keypad that houses a patented NoEyes technology. This technology allows access even in the dark just by feeling with the fingers. 


The pistol gun safe from GunVault has impressive features such as


·         Compact lightweight design offering safety and portability

·         Can be carried easily in a bag, briefcase or a day pack

·         20-gauge exterior steel construction

·         Choice of biometric access or keypad access

·         Interior lined with soft foam to prevent scratches

·         Designed to store other valuables besides handguns

·         Design ensures safe cannot be opened with ordinary tools

·         Comes with override keys and security cable

·         Compact dimensions of 11 x 8.5 x 2.25 inches


There are many gun safes on the market but not all of them can be called as superior gun safes. In order to determine gun safes that can be grouped under superior gun safes we tested several gun safes including the GunVault safe among our registered test panel members comprising over 100 gun users. The pistol gun safe from GunVault received an acceptance rate for ‘superior gun safes’ from a whopping 90% of users.  

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  Combination Gun Lock – Master Lock 94DSPT 3-Digit Combination Gun Lock

Owning a gun in some countries is quite simple. For instance, in the U.S. it is reported that there are as many as 300 million firearms which is about one per person. While owning a gun is easy preventing misuse is more difficult as many homes have children who may gain access to the firearm and inadvertently fire a gun and in the process may injure people nearby in the line of fire.  


Manufacturers offer a variety of accessories to help gun owners keep their guns safe and secure. One of the simplest and easiest ways to secure a gun from being fired is to provide a gun lock that locks up the trigger in a way that it cannot be pulled to fire. The lock is as ingenious as the simple lock that is used to lock bicycle wheels.


MasterLock has introduced a gun lock that is offered in two variants – as a combination gun lock or a gun lock with brass keys. Both versions of the lock are easy to lock and unlock. The locking mechanism consists of a ratchet that is adjustable and a pin tumbler locking cylinder. The lock accommodates a wide variety of guns such as shotguns, rifles and handguns.


The combination gun lock is a well designed product that not only protects the gun from being fired but also padded sufficiently to ensure no scratches appear on the gun parts such as the trigger and the trigger guard. The combination lock can be reset as many times as required to ensure no tampering takes place.


The basic lock is a two piece gadget that is held together by the lock. The lock essentially ensures no access is given to the trigger which can cause the gun to fire. The simplicity of the concept and the design is to be admired in this lock. The combination gun lock is a failsafe mechanism where the odds of guessing the right combination are terribly low.


The combination gun safe comes with features that are very practical such as


·         Multiple access options – combination lock and brass key

·         Interior padding to prevent scratches

·         Pin tumbler locking mechanism with adjustable ratchet

·         Can be used on various types of guns

·         Simple to use


The combination gun lock is a must for every gun lover to keep the gun safe from unauthorized firing. Gun owners must realize that this lock is a useful complement to other gun safe gadgets in the household. The combination gun lock stood out in the research we conducted among our survey panel comprising over 100 gun owners.  

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  Gun Security Case – V-Line Top Draw Security Case (Black)

While buying a gun is not too difficult keeping safe custody of it is a task that needs some effort. Several manufacturers have come forward to offer products for safekeeping of firearms. Safekeeping is warranted because deaths and injuries due to accidental shootings are pretty alarming and more often than not involve children.

Among the plethora of gun safe products available on the market a gun security case stands out primarily because the safe offers safety and portability. The portable gun safe from V-Line is a work of precision providing safety by preventing unauthorized access to a gun kept inside the security case. This is achieved through a top quality lock that accommodates 1081 combinations that can be easily set.

The portable gun safe is constructed with high grade steel that is light in weight to keep the overall weight of the case to about 9 pounds making it very portable. The portable gun safe is unique because it uses a lock mechanism that does not require keys or batteries to unlock. The safe has other safety features such as a piano style hinge welded at one end. The safe can be docked to a suitable location with the help of holes provided in the safe’s bottom.

The portable gun safe meets the standards set by the California Department of Justice for handgun storage.

With dimensions of 12.5 x 9.5 x 2.5 inches the portable gun safe is large enough to accommodate two hand guns comfortably. The safe can also be used for storing valuable other than guns.

The portable gun safe offers several features such as

·         Superior lock without keys

·         Clamshell design

·         Precise steel construction ensures resistance to prying

·         Large enough to hold two guns or other valuables

·         Weighs just 9 pounds offering easy portability

Our survey panel members over 100 in number gave resounding thumbs up to the portable gun safe from V-Line.  

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  Multi Gun Vault – Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe Quick Access Electronic Pistol Security Box

Guns are deadly weapons in wrong hands. Guns are needed to protect one’s property or valuables or lives from attackers. At the same time guns should not be left in places where other people can get access to them and create accidents. For such an eventuality manufacturers offer products that help to store guns safely. These products also offer quick access whenever the need arises.

In a country such as the U.S. there are vast hinterlands where families stay far apart from other families and help may not be readily available in case of an impending attack. The families have to fend for themselves. To help such families Stealth has launched a multi gun vault that can store up to five hand guns. The basic idea of the vault is to be a gun safe organizer where the guns are stored and ready to be deployed at very short notice by all the members of a family at once.

The gun safe organizer is a sturdy gadget that has been designed to keep guns safe while not in use and be accessible quickly when needed. Safety is ensured by the construction of the vault with solid steel and designed to be pry-resistant. The lock is made of high strength latch that is not easy to pry open.

The gun safe organizer provides three hangers for storing three guns at ‘ready to deploy’ mode. Two other guns can be stored flatly on the inside base of the vault.

The many features of the gun safe organizer include

·         Spring-loaded drop down door

·         Six-digit combination stored in an electronic keypad

·         Interior illumination to help see in the dark

·         Override tubular key

·         Security cable

·         Holes for bolting down the gun safe organizer

·         Foamed lining to prevent scratches on guns

·         Deep recess shelf to hold clips

·         External dimensions of 9 x 9 x 12 inches; weighing 15 pounds

The gun safe organizer is perfect for a family of five and all five members can be ready to defend within seconds of identifying an impending attack. The gun safe organizers from Stealth came out with flying colors when we tested them with over 150 families in rural America.

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Keeping safety of guns when not in use in mind, several manufacturers have created products that address safety needs. The design features among these products include quick access to the guns when the situation demands. Products such as the biometric gun safe and handgun vault offer robust security features that include multiple access options such as combination lock or biometric access using fingerprints. For larger families who want to store and access more guns there is the multi gun vault that can accommodate 5 hand guns.

Since Americans are enthralled by guns and cars there are products such as the gun safe, pistol gun safe and gun security case that are portable and can be carried inside cars. These safes also double up as safes for valuables other than guns.

To complement the various gun safe products there is the simple combination gun lock that can deny access to the trigger when locked.

In the list that follows we have identified the best biometric gun safe, the best bedside gun safe, the best car gun safe, superior gun safes, combination gun locks, portable gun safes and gun safe organizers for you to examine and acquire so as to keep the world safe from accidental shootings. We have arrived at this list after extensively testing a variety of products among our test panels which comprise a wide cross section of over 500 gun owners and families with children in the household. 


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