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Some countries have an obsession with guns. For instance, the U.S. has over 300 million guns owned by Americans recording an unenviable statistic of 1 gun for every American. However, if one takes out children and the seniors from the population, it appears that the remaining Americans average about 3 guns per person.  

With these many guns in circulation it is reasonable to expect accidents to happen, According to a study, it is reported that more the guns more the accidents. Accidents can be minimized by several ways such as proper gun storage, denying access to children, proper education on the use of fire arms, obtaining required permissions and arming with proper accessories.


  Ankle Holster – Galco Ankle Lite / Ankle Holster for Ruger LCP, KelTec P3AT, P32

Galco Ankle Lite / Ankle Holster for Ruger LCP, KelTec P3AT, P32

A gun is a weapon that is used for being offensive or defensive. Law enforcing agencies use guns perhaps both offensively and defensively. A majority of other people owning guns do so with protection of themselves and their families and properties on their mind. Many a time, such gun owners would want to carry their weapons on themselves preferably concealed. This would enhance the surprise factor in the event of an impending attack.


One of the ways to conceal and carry a gun is to place it in a holster and strap it to the ankle. The ankle holster is a convenient way to not only conceal the gun but also to draw it quickly when someone is trying to harm the gun owner.


The ankle holster from Galco is a well tried and tested ankle holster that has been introduced in two variants. The first one was the Ankle Glove and the latest variant is the Ankle Lite ankle holster.


The ankle holster is made with materials best suited for such products such as the hide from steer for the holster, neoprene for the ankle band and Velcro for closure bolstered with sheepskin padding for the space between the ankle and the holster.


We felt the ankle holster from Galco was the best ankle holster on the market but we did not want to say so without conducting rigorous tests from our survey and test panel comprising hundreds of gun owners and users. The response from the members was revealing and it helped to confirm our initial feeling of this Galco product being the best ankle holster on the market.


Some of the features that enthralled the test panel members about the best ankle holster included the size which could accommodate ankles with a circumference up to 13 inches, retention strap with reinforced thumb break and choice of left handed or right handed holster.


 The best ankle holster accommodates a wide range of double action revolvers and semiautomatic pistols such as P32, P3AT, KelTec and Ruger LCP.  


The best ankle holster on the market from Galco comes with features such as


·         Choice of left- or right-handed ankle holster

·         Best materials used – Velcro, center cut steer hide, neoprene band and sheepskin padding

·          Suitable for double-action revolvers and semiautomatic pistols

·         Fits ankles of up to 13 inches circumference

·         Fast draw with thumb break


The best ankle holster from Galco is a wonderful accessory for the person who wants to be discreet and at the same time have easy access to the weapon of his choice.  

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  Gun Holster – Concealment Express KYDEX IWB Gun Holster

Gun Holster

There are ways in which a gun can be carried on the person. One could recall the old western movies where a hombre would show off his guns, one on either side, ensconced in leather holsters held together by a leather belt surrounding the waist interspersed with unfired bullets peeping out from their places along the circumference of the belt.   


However, in today’s world where stealth is an element of strategy and tactic, the gun owner wants to conceal the weapon as discreetly as possible.


We scoured the market to locate the best concealed holster and learned that a holster using kydex material would be the best. In our search for the best kyder holster on the market we came across the one from Concealment Express. Concealment Express has come up with a solution by offering a gun holster that fits inside a waistband of the gun owner. Once the gun is in the Concealment Express holster strapped to the belt inside the waistband and the shirt tail over the trousers the gun is concealed adequately.



The splendid features of the holster include the kydex material, a composite of acrylic and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The material is rigid, formable, tough, and resistant to chemicals. It can also be finished well in many colors. The material allows the holster to be molded to mirror the shape of the gun to be holstered. Besides, the holster can be adjusted to cant from 0 to 15 degrees. Further, the holster hosts a feature, the Posi-Click audible retention lock system, wherein an audio signal lets the gun owner know if the gun is properly holstered. Moreover, the retention power is adjustable to suit the gun owner’s requirements.


We tested the gun holster from Concealment Express among over 100 gun owners in our test panel to ascertain the rating for this holster. The rating provided by them was so high that we had to conclude that the holster from Concealment Express was the best kydex holster on the market.


Among the other features of the best kydex holster is the ‘Full Sweat Shield,’ which helps to keep the gun dry besides assisting in guiding the gun back into the holster.  


All in all, the best kydex holster is so versatile that it is able to be used in any position around the waist. For instance, it can be positioned at the back or side. It can also be positioned on either hip or even at the appendix position. The kydex material used has properties that allow the holster to become a second skin to the gun with hardly any weight being added.


The remarkable features of the best kydex holster include


·         Made of 0.08” Kydex material

·         Suitable for Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9/40 gun

·         Two unique features – Posi Click audible system and Full Sweat Shield

·         Choice of colors – black, carbon fiber black, carbon fiber storm gray and raptor black for both right and left-handed gun owners

The best kydex holster from Concealment Express is a highly functional and aesthetic accessory for any gun owner, whether right or left-handed, to have. The best kydex holster is very comfortable to use and conceal on any position around the waist.

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  Gun Magazine Loader – Maglula UpLULA Loader/Unloader 9mm to 45ACP

Gun Magazine Loader

Every gun owner would understand the hard work needed to load a magazine that fits into a gun. The task is really time consuming and hurtful. The thumb and the index finger are overworked when trying to load the magazine and the gun owner or the magazine loader often ends up with a sore thumb and index finger or even blisters on them. 


The task of loading a magazine is now made easier with the easy loader gadget available on the market. Maglula has launched its easy loader called as the UpLULA loader/unloader.


The easy loader from Maglula is a universal magazine loader that is compatible with 9 and 10 mm Luger magazines, 357 magazines, and 40-and 45-caliber magazines. Both single and double stack magazines can be loaded with the easy loader.


The easy loader makes loading simple and effortless. The easy loader has a sleeve that can be adjusted against the magazine. The first round is placed as instructed and the magazine is ready to be loaded quickly and easily by pressing the easy loader down. This action pushes the round into the magazine and simultaneously is ready to receive the next round. This process is continued till all the rounds are inside the magazine.


The gadget has a small serration that helps to quickly unload the magazine. The easy loader works fast and is able to load at a rate of 1 round per second versus the 1 round per 3 seconds in the system using only the fingers. The gadget is very durable as it is made of polymer and plastic that can last long even after many loadings.


The gadget is very compact, fitting into a trouser pocket quite easily. The easy loader is available in a choice of four colors – pink, black, brown and purple.


The gadget has some impressive features such as


·         Polymer and plastic material ensuring durability

·         Fits all kinds of magazines

·         Choice of 4 colors

·         Dual purpose – loading and unloading functions

·         Works on single and double stack magazines


The easy loader is a simple and useful device for a gun owner to have to reduce the strain on fingers and thumb while loading or unloading a magazine. 

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  Gun Belly Band For Men And Women – Ultimate Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry | Black | Fits Gun Smith and Wesson Bodyguard

Gun Belly Band For Men And Women

While we were looking for different kinds of holsters on the market to recommend to our clients we came across a tantalizing product that was simply breathtaking. We located a belly band holster from ComfortTac that is an amazing holster suitable for both men and women, both left- and right-handed draw, and accommodates all brands of guns and pistols.


The belly band holster from ComfortTac is a creatively designed product with comfort and functionality as the main objectives. The material used is neoprene whose properties enable the band to accommodate a belly size up to 44 inches. The neoprene material is supremely capable of holding the gun weight effortlessly. It is also suitable for wearing it on bare skin without causing any discomfort. While neoprene’s properties are suitable for the band, the material used for the holster is elastic so as to accommodate all sizes of guns from the full size revolvers and pistols to sub compact guns.


The belly band holster is quite versatile because it can be worn in several ways and positions. It can be worn outside the waistband or inside the waistband. It can be positioned anywhere around the waist from the appendix position to the back or on the hips. It could also be worn cross body. Further, it can be worn across the chest similar to a shoulder holster to be concealed under a shirt. Women can wear the belly band holster outside or inside the waistbands of their skirts. The band can be worn with all kinds of clothes wear such as yoga pants, formal dresses, jeans, gym pants and sweat pants.


The belly band holster is thoughtfully provided with a separate pocket to hold a spare magazine or even a mobile phone. 


The many features of the belly band holster include


·         Holster made of surgical grade elastic to hold guns of different brands such as Walther, Springfield, Beretta, Glock and Sig Sauer

·         Can be worn with all kinds of clothes wear

·          Suitable for men and women

·         Suitable for left- and right-hand draw

·         Can be worn in different positions and in different locations on the body

·         Has spare pocket to store extra magazine or mobile phone

·         Fits bellies up to 44 inch size


The belly band holster is a versatile holster that every gun owner, man or woman, should possess for convenience, concealment and comfort.

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  Gun Cleaning Kit – GUN CLEANING KITS by Sage & Braker

Gun Cleaning Kit

How many gun owners, especially the ones with shotguns, have toiled to get their shotgun’s bore clean? They probably would recall the various ways in which they tried to clean and the mayhem that followed afterward.


We sought information from our survey and test panel members numbering over 500 as to their cleaning methods for their shotguns. We found that most of them were using traditional methods that included aluminum rods and brushes. Their experience was one of frustration at not being able to clean the bore sufficiently. Besides, they were disgusted with the untidiness all around after the cleaning marathon.


We began a serious search for newer cleaning methods for the shotgun’s bore and we found several of them. We offered these to our test panel members and asked them to rate their experience. We received very favorable responses to the newer gun cleaning kits with the majority of them favoring the gun cleaning kit offered by Sage & Braker. In fact, most of them said that the kit from Sage & Braker was the best gun cleaning kit they have come across.


The best gun cleaning kit from Sage & Braker is a simple but an effective kit for cleaning any caliber of shot gun, from the .22 to the 28 gauge.


The best gun cleaning kit comprises three simple elements – the buffing rope, the copper brush and the brass weight. Each element is designed for a specific shotgun bore. The bore or caliber number is stamped on the brass weight for quick identification. The detachable copper brush is designed to not only clean the bore but also other components of the shotgun. The buffing rope is designed to clean the bore when it is pulled through the bore. 


The cleaning process with the best gun cleaning kit is as simple as just applying gun lubricant to the end of the buffing rope, applying bore cleaning solvent to the copper brush and running the brass weight through one end of the empty barrel of the shotgun and pulling it out from the other end causing the brush and buffing rope to completely traverse the bore. More often than not just one pass is sufficient to clean the bore thoroughly.


Post the cleaning pass with the best gun cleaning kit, the brush can be detached and used for cleaning other components of the shotgun. The buffing rope can be washed separately to be kept ready for the next cleaning session. The best gun cleaning kit elements can be stored in the convenient canvas bag supplied.


The many benefits of the best gun cleaning kit include


·         Single pass of the buffing rope and brush cleans the bore sufficiently

·         Detachable copper brush can also be used for cleaning other components of the shot gun

·         There is a best gun cleaning kit for almost all shotgun bores and calibers 

·         Leaves no mess after cleaning

·         The elements can be cleaned and washed separately

·         The reinforced end of the buffing rope helps to better clean the bore

·         No questions asked return policy


After reading all the comments submitted by the test panel members we have to declare the gun cleaning kit from Sage & Braker as the best gun cleaning kit on the market. 

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  Gun Cleaning Brushes – SE 7624BC-5 Gun Cleaning Set with 3 Brushes & 2 Double-Ended Picks

Gun Cleaning Brushes

As any gun owner will be aware, his or her gun is precisely made with a multitude of components intricately put together to function as a whole which is greater than the sum of its parts. Obviously, these components have to be kept perfectly in shape for the gun to function optimally.


As mentioned earlier, the components are precision made and hence possess all kinds of angles, chamfers, serrations and corners. These require special tools to clean and hence the gun cleaners need to be used.


The gun cleaners comprise simple brushes and picks. We recommend the gun cleaners from SE that consists of 3 double-ended brushes and 2 double-ended picks.


Each of the brushes in the gun cleaners is made with different material – nylon, copper and brass, used to clean different components. Each end of the brush is of different size – the larger side holds a 1½ x 3/8 inch brush while the smaller side holds a 7/8 x 1/8 inch brush. 


The double-ended picks provide four tools to help clean different sets of components of the guns.


The gun cleaners with the 5-piece set provide cleaning options to clean 10 specific component parts or spaces within the components. These could include spaces that are hard to reach and grooves. While the brushes help to clean grooves the picks can be used to clean spaces that are hard to reach. 


The gun cleaners from SE come with superior features that include


·         1 brass brush on either end of different size

·         1 nylon brush on either end of different size

·         1 copper brush on either end of different size

·         2 hook shaped polymer picks with two ends of different size

·         Plastic handles for comfort

·         Can clean 10 different spaces or components


The gun cleaners such as the 5-piece set from SE are a useful accessory for every gun owner to possess to help keep the gun in tiptop condition for optimal performance.

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  Gun Magnet – Tac-Mag Gun Magnet with 25 lb Rating

Gun Magnet

What good is a gun if it cannot be used in the nick of time? Responses from hundreds of members of our survey and test panel indicate many gun owners are dissatisfied with the way they store their guns. They feel while storage of guns is satisfactory they are a little concerned because they are unable to draw the gun quickly. They feel that the time taken to access the gun involving entering an access code such as a combination lock key or a fingerprint is inordinately long.


This feedback set our thinking and we searched the market for a suitable device to hold up the gun that would allow the gun owner to access his or her gun quickly. We came up with several alternatives and the one we liked was the gun magnet from Ragnar Industries. The gun magnet from Ragnar Industries called as the Tac-Mag gun magnet is a fairly heavy duty magnet that can hold on to a 25lb weight quite easily.


We tested these gun magnets among our test panel members and most of them came back to us to state that the Tac-Mag gun magnet rated as the best under bed gun safe magnet.


The under bed gun safe magnet is made up of multiple neodymium magnets that offer excellent contact properties and strength to hold on to objects as heavy as 25 pounds. The under bed gun safe magnet is an all weather product besides being a shock proof one.


The under bed gun safe magnet is easily mounted almost anywhere, including under the desk, anywhere in the car, anywhere in the office room, on the back of a door or inside a safe.


The gun is hanging on to the magnet simply by the magnetic force, and when the need is felt the gun can be effortlessly taken away quickly for deployment to thwart any imminent danger.    


The maker of the under bed gun safe magnet, Ragnar Industries, is so confident of its product that it offers a lifetime guarantee for the product.


The under bed gun safe magnet’s superior features include


·         Strong magnet that can support 25 pounds weight

·         Supports most shot guns as they weigh around 7 to 8 pounds

·         For larger guns two magnets can be used

·         Supports easily all handguns

·         Can be used outdoors

·         Absorbs shocks from accidental falls

·         Company offers lifetime guarantee


The under bed gun safe magnet is an incredible piece of ingenuity for its simplicity and high utility. 

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Accessories are an important aspect of gun ownership leading to better gun usage. For instance, would a gun being carried in a coat or pant pocket be the best option. Obviously not, because it shows off and more importantly it cannot be withdrawn smoothly and quickly when the need to use it pronto becomes imperative. It is here that accessories such as the ankle holster and the gun holster and the gun belly band for men and women come in handy. With the gun housed in these holsters the gun is safely stored and readily accessible when the need arises.


What good is a gun if it is not maintained properly? The gun cleaning kit along with gun cleaning brushes is integral to any gun owner’s gun repertoire to ensure that the gun is ready to fire without a hitch when needed the most. Similarly, the gun magazine loader is an excellent accessory that solves the problem of faulty gun loading. Another practical accessory to have is the gun magnet that helps to keep the gun ready for action in a few seconds.  

We have subjected the accessories highlighted to rigorous testing among our test and survey panels comprising hundreds of gun owners and users, and we present a list comprising the best ankle holster, the best kydex holster, easy loader, belly band holster, best gun cleaning kit, the gun cleaners and the under bed gun safe magnet  available on the market.


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