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Wine. The meagre sound or sight of this word makes our heart skip a beat. It is after all one of the most soughtafter alcoholic drinks, at least in the social context. Made naturally through the fermentation of grapes this drink is fast finding a place in a growing number of homes, thanks to some of the astounding benefits that moderate wine consumption is attributed to! But what is it that makes wine clicks at such a widespread level?

Firstly, unlike other alcoholic beverages, wine contains sugar, which makes its consumption a more than pleasant experience. While it is an acquired taste, once it clicks, it grows on the drinker which makes it oh-so-desirable. Next, wine is naturally acidic in nature. This helps in the secretion of saliva which increases one’s urge to drink more. Furthermore, wine is rather complex with a plethora of varieties available both in terms of types, as well as flavors, which ensures that almost everyone get to pick their choice. And trust us, we haven’t yet started on how wine proves to be an ice breaker and even a binding force at social dos.


 Electric Wine Bottle Opener – Oster Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener with Foil Cutter

Oster Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener with Foil Cutter

Opening a wine bottle, especially ceremoniously removing the cork calls for a laid back time, or simply declares the commencement of celebrations. However, when it actually comes to taking the cork off, is it easier said than done. What most of us, and even our wine loving friends often can’t seem to get our hands on is something that can prove to be the best wine opener!

Let us take a look at some of the trusted yet bizarre ways of opening the oh-so-desirable wine bottle –

·         Yanking It Out With A String – Here, you make a loop in a string, slide the loop from between the cork and the bottle wall, and try to catch the cork within the loop before you start pulling it off.

·         Using A Screw And A Hammer -Using a screwdriver, nail the screw into the cork. Then, use the tapered end of the hammer to lock in the screw and pull the cork out.

·         Using Car Keys – In this case you pick a car key or any other key that’s equally sturdy and press it on the cork diagonally. This might take some serious pressure from your end. Once the key is stuck far enough, you can then rotate the cork through it, as you pull it outwards. 

·         Slicing It Off – Your heard it right. This technique is usually carried out with the help of a sword or a saber. While we would love to explain the procedure, let’s agree to the fact that this is way too dangerous and best left untried.

·         Heating Up The Bottle – Place your wine bottle upright in a pan of boiling water, and within seconds, your cork should come out automatically. That is of course, if you like to drink your wine warm.

·         Forcing The Cork Into The Wine – Here you require a wooden spoon with a long thin handle. All you need to do is stick that handle on the top of the cork and push it enough so that it drops right into the wine. In most cases, the cork is still intact when it falls in, and you won’t have to deal with any unwanted cork crumbs.

Now that we’ve talked about almost 5 exhilarating and somewhat foolhardy ways of opening the wine bottle, let us introduce to you one of the safest and most promising ways of ensuring that your wine is still at the right temperature, sans those uncanny cork crumbs. We bring to you what is recommended as the best wine opener, by hoteliers from all across the globe. After all, when it’s time to unwind, who in their right mind would want to fight a battle with the cork!

So here’s presenting theOster Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener. With a sophisticated design that makes it spell panache, this wine bottle opener makes your Wine Wednesdays simply impeccable. All you need to do is simply fit your bottle in the space provided and voila, you have an open bottle in no time. This device is fairly portable, can be used cordless, and offers efficient removal of the cork in an effortless manner. For what it’s worth, it is the best wine openerthat you can lay your hands on, given that it can open upto 30 bottles on a single charge. Now we bet you can floor your friend with this astounding gift of what can be easily called as the best wine opener.

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 Touch Button Wine Aerator – Aervana – One-Touch Luxury Wine Aerator

Aervana – One-Touch Luxury Wine Aerator

If you’re a wine lover then you must have at least a vague idea of the process of aeration. If not, let us spell it out for you. Aeration is nothing but the process of encouraging the absorption of oxygen by the wine. This process is carried out to ensure that the wine can develop by a way of releasing its aromas into the air. Most wines that are still young when opened up, can be aged with some aeration ranging from about 10 to 30 minutes of time. In some cases, wines develop certain unpleasant odors, which also fade away thanks to this process.

Some wines also hit drinkers with a bitter taste that dries up the mouth, which is due to the tannins that are a part of the stem and the skin of the grapes that the wines are made up of. While the tannins usually soften up in aged wines, they can still have a strong presences in young wines. Aeration also helps soften these tannins efficiently, so that your glass of wine tastes as smooth as it possibly can.

More often than not, simply opening up a bottle isn’t sufficient for this imperative step of letting the wine breathe. Hence, wine masters and the enthusiasts of this drink have come up with certain ways of letting he wine aerate. These include –

·         Putting the wine in a blender and pulsing the blender for about 30 seconds.

·         Pouring the wine back and forth between two pitchers to ensure maximum contact with air.

·         Letting it rest in the glass for about half an hour and then giving it a swirl before drinking.

While these are some of the most trusted methods for aeration, unfortunately none of them works when you are hosting a large group of friends or invite your boss and colleagues over for a formal dinner. It is for such occasions that we wish to recommend to you, what we think of as the best wine aerator. And don’t you worry, because our opinion is seconded by some of the best wine masters. For sophisticated occasions such as the ones mentioned above and many more, what you need is the renowned Aervana – One-Touch Luxury Wine Aerator. Known to be the best wine pourer amongst wine lovers,this device will help you get perfectly aerated wine poured sophistically in your glass at the click of a button. It is known as the best wine aerator for a reason. It initiates as well as speeds up the oxidation of the wine, with a greater efficiency than any other aerator. Moreover, its meticulous design ensures that the wine sediments don’t reach your glass.

So, if you’re on the lookout for a classy gift to surprise your wine lover friend with, the best wine aerator in the market, Aervanaought to be your pick. Trust us, your friend will be thanking you for a long time to come. After all, not all aerators are capable of doubling the value of your wine, at the push of a button. If this isn’t great value for money, we don’t know what is!

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 Wine Decanter – Menu Winebreather Carafe

Menu Winebreather Carafe

If you happen to be a wine lover you will go head over heels when you watch the wine flow down beautifully on the walls of the best wine decanter that can ever be. If you’re wondering what does decanting exactly imply, the let us explain it you in brief. Decantation of wine is a technique which helps in the removal of sediments from wines. After the sediments are allowed to settle down in the decanter, the clear and smooth wine is then gradually poured into the glass. This process ensures that the drinker has a flawless and a memorable experience. This process becomes all the more important when you need to serve wine sans any acidity. As a matter of fact, if you pick the best wine decanter that exists, all the bitterness of the wine will simply evaporate ensuring that its aroma and taste develop to the fullest.

The decantation of wine becomes extremely crucial if you wish to serve a young wine, since it can often be too tight to be enjoyed thoroughly. The process will allow it to be aerated and bring up the aroma and the flavor of the wine. This is especially true in case of wines that are highly tannic in nature or are full-bodied.

So, if you’re willing to have a wine that tastes like a million buck variety, that all you need is the best wine decanter in the market, and we recommend the Menu Winebreather Carafe as our chosen pick. If you’re wondering why did we pick only the Menu Winebreather Carafe and no other decanters, then here our reasons:-

·         The Winebreather Carafe is extremely simple to use unlike many decanters. All you need to do is to press the carafe on the top of an opened bottle. Next, just flip the bottle over, so that the wine drizzles down into the decanter.

·         If you’re someone who loves to pour your wine directly from the bottle, then once the decantation is done, you can simply flip over the Carafe so that the fine flows back to the bottle

·         The decanter is designed in a way that it can sturdily hold any wine bottle.

·         It offers a seamless experience at social gatherings and formal dinners.

·         The Winebreather Carafe is sure to turn even the most acidic wines or the ones with harsh tannins into one delectable drink.

We think that even the best wine decanter cannot get better than this. So if you have a friend who loves his/her wine more than anything else, you probably have found the most ideal gift for them in the one-of-its-kind Menu Winebreather Carafe.

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 Wine Vacuum – Vacu Vin Wine Saver Pump

Vacu Vin Wine Saver Pump

No wine fanatic would ever wish to waste away even a single sip of this heavenly drink.  But at least at some point in time, we’ve all had to do away with the last half a bottle or so of our favorite wines, for the simple reason that the party was over! And we all know, once a wine bottle has been opened and aerated there’s no turning back. You either quench your thirst for an exotic, laid-back time with your loved ones, or let it down the drain.

Of course. You can simply leave it at the kitchen counter? But the question is, would you really like to drink a flat wine that seemed to have aged at least a century within the next 12 hours? We sure wouldn’t!

Then there are people who advocate storing the open bottle in the refrigerator. In this case the flattening will happen gradually and probably the wine will still be drinkable after 2-3 days!

However, If you’re wondering if you can consume wine from an opened bottle on the next weekend, you can toss out the above two alternatives.    

Given the fact that most wines are on the expensive side, this is one heartbreaking thing! But you mustn’t leave hope. At least not yet! Because there is an incredible device that you can use your wine from getting spoilt so that you can enjoy it after up to 2 weeks of opening it up. So, without further building up the suspense, let us divulge it. It goes by the name of Vacu Vin Wine Saver Pump, recommended by our team of experts as the best wine stopper. So, why is it the best wine stopper, and how exactly does it work? Let’s take a look.

The Vacu Vin Wine Saver is essentially a vacuum pump, which is designed to extract all the air from an opened bottle of wine. That being done, the pump reseals the bottle with a rubber stopper. The vacuum ensures that the process of oxidation is slowed down to a large extent, thus making it possible for the consumer to enjoy the wine at a later date. And did we mention, the rubber stopper is reusable, and more importantly, you get two of them. Isn’t that amazing? 

What’s more is that as soon as there is no more air lest in the bottle that can possibly be removed, this wine saver pump makes a click sound and indicates you to stop.

Now that you the know the impeccable utility that this device offers, we’re sure you would understand why did we include the Vacu Vin Wine Saver or as the experts call it, the best wine stopper, in this list. So, without thinking any further, simply go ahead and get this memorable gift for your wine lover friend, and watch him beam out of sheer happiness.

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 Wine Aerator Pourer – Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer

Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer

While most wine lovers often tend to finish up the entire bottle in a single night, there are many of us, who just love to drink a glass or two as a way to unwind after a hectic day at work. In such cases, it becomes almost unnecessary to aerate the entire bottle of wine through a decanter.

Moreover, the sheer process of aeration usually takes up a lot of time and effort, which is something that doesn’t feel appropriate at a formal dinner or a social get-together. As a matter of fact, nobody usually has the patience to wait for inexplicable amounts of time for the wine to get ready. It is almost always the case that the host has to ensure that the moment a guest arrives, he/she gets that perfect glass of wine. The conventional methods of aeration do not allow for this swift hospitality and often leaves the host baffled by the end of the night. 

In order to make happy occasions a tad more interesting, today, you have the luxury to buy what will serve as the best wine aerator. This unique product goes by the name of Vintorio Wine Aerator and Pourer. Not only will this sleek product help you in aerating your wine on the spur of the moment, but will also save you from the hassle of transferring the wine from the bottle to  the decanter and vice versa. For what it’s worth, it will also add to the magnificence of your wine bottle, thus giving it a pricey look and an undeniable appeal.

Just so you know, the Vintorio aerator gets its tag of being the best wine aerator, for the simple reason that it is offered with a considerably large aerating chamber, which works on the principle of the Bernoulli Effect, to ensure that your wine gets the perfect amount of oxygen to bring out its aromas and flavors. As the wine passes through this chamber, the oxygen in the air infuses into it, thus ensuring all the tannins wear-off, and the wine comes to its perfect taste in no time.Thanks to its unique design, this aerator, also serves as a pourer, meaning that all you need to do is place it at the open end of the bottle, and pour yourself a drink. What’s more is, it will save you from those nasty tablecloth stains that we’ve all grown to hate. After all, drip-less pouring is not a distant dream anymore.

Not only does this aerator offers great utility, but also makes sure that your guests are thoroughly impressed by your sophistication.

So, if you’re someone who enjoys a fine wine evening every now and then, or know somebody who does, all you need to do is get the best wine aerator offered by Vintorio and enjoy the most astounding laid-back experience!

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 Corkscrew – Waiters Corkscrew by HiCoup

Waiters Corkscrew by HiCoup

Wine lovers across the world are almost always on the lookout for the best corkscrew. After all, only if one could find the perfect corkscrew can the fine wine experience be more than just perfect. In this quest for finding just the most efficient corkscrew, most wine enthusiasts end up spending the big bucks. Not only is it a sheer waste of their hard-earned money, but as far as the opinion of our panel wine masters go, these high-end corkscrews often fail to deliver on their promises. We understand that this seems a little uncanny to look at. As modern day consumers, more often than not, we’re compelled to believe that something pricey always guarantees great quality with flawless efficiency. This however, isn’t true, at least in this case.

Wondering how so? Well, the answer lies in the Waiters Corkscrew by HiCoup. This is one of the conventional handheld waiter style corkscrew and has been used by hoteliers and bar owners for a long time now. The reason is simple, it is small, it is handy and it helps open up wine bottles in one go. What’s more, is that the Waiters Corkscrew proves to be the best corkscrew when it comes to opening up old wine bottles, whose corks are extremely prone to shredding or falling apart.

Elegantly designed, this affordable tool perfectly blends in the features of an efficient corkscrew, a foil cutter, as well as a bottle opener. Created using fine quality 420 stainless steel, the wooden handle of the Waiters Corkscrew ensures that you enjoy a comfortable grip. Its solid heft compels you to believe in its awe-inspiring fine quality, while the manufacturer’s guarantee makes sure that you need not buy a second one, ever!

So if you’re headed to a friend’s house-warming party, the best corkscrew is what you ought to present, of course accompanied by a bottle of fine wine. Believe us, your gift will be cherished for a long time to come.

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 Wine Bottle Glass – BigMouth Inc Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass

BigMouth Inc Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass

Ever imagined, how much simpler and more fun would life be, if your wine glass was just a tad larger. Wouldn’t you be saved from the embarrassment of refilling it time and again, especially when you still want another one after 4-5 refills? Not to mention saving on the time and effort that would otherwise go into finding the bar counter, or the bottle of wine to get your refill! Being ardent lovers of wine ourselves, we recognize these struggles in the life of a seasoned wino!

Well, for all we know, every wine lover has thought of a big wine glass at one point of time. At least we have, and more than once!

And luckily for us, BigMouth Inc came up with a revolutionary product, the Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass! This one is a big wine glass, and not just ordinarily large but the largest you could ever imagine. This unique product allows you to enjoy a whopping 750 ml of wine, all at once!

A perfect gift for anyone who doesn’t like to share their wine, or are simply too amazed by this divine drink to ever stop for a refill, the Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass comes is the shape of a wine bottle, only with a little twist. The bottle beautifully opens up to hold a big wine glass, and comes complete with a witty quote printed in white. Offered in three different colors, you also have the option to pick the quote that you love the best from ones available.

What makes this big wine glass, truly compelling is the fact that it is rather sturdy and ensures that you have an incredible experience. And the big wine glass, isn’t just another addition to your collection of wine accessories, but will also prove to be an astounding centerpiece for your table for an item of home décor. You can either simply put it in a shelf and flaunt your unique sense of home-styling or make it your DIY project to create an idiosyncratic bottle lamp. Trust us, the possibilities are endless with the stunning big wine glass!

So if you have been thinking of taking your friend by a surprise, this big wine glass will prove to be the most ideal, and hilariously eccentric gift that will be met with a gleaming charm on his face. Since, this gift isn’t heavy on your pocket, you can even order one for yourself!

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Given that wine is such a popular drink, we’re sure that you might have at least a dozen friends or even family members who are simply head over heels about this distinctive drink. So today, we talk about some of the most flattering gifts for wine lovers. Just so you know, this list was consolidated based on the advice and recommendations of some of most celebrated wine enthusiasts. We are pretty sure that by the end of this list, you would have found the one that would make the receiver of your gift, jumpout of happiness!


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