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If you’re planning to bring in one or already own a cute and cuddly little kitten or have gone head over heels over an adult cat, you’re sure to have a friend for life! However, with owning this little fur baby, comes a great set of responsibilities. As a pet lover, not only would you want your cat to lead a healthy and happy life but would also wish to make her feel completely at ease. While we’re sure that you will love this furry companion, as much as you love the members of your family, we also know that you would have to go out of your way, albeit just a little, to ensure that your little friend gets as much care as it deserves. Taking efforts to make the little one feel at home, will not only make life easier for your pet friend but will also add to your own convenience, with regards to its upkeep and behavioral training. 


 Cat Scratching Lounge – Pet Fusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge

If you own a cat or are even remotely aware of a cat’s behavioral patterns, chances are you know that cats love to scratch. Cats are more than attracted to anything that is coarse or textured and almost instantaneously dig their claws into such a surface! As much annoying as it may seem at first, you must understand the fact that it is an instinctive habit, and is great for your pet’s mental as well as physical well-being. Here are some of the top reasons why cats like to scratch so much –

·         It is one of their inbuilt mechanisms that helps them remove the dead layer as well as the dirt from their claws

·         Scratching helps the cats mark their territory, both in a physical manner as well as with the help of a scent. You will be surprised to know that the paws of the cats have a special gland that releases scents.

·         Scratching offers the cats with an effective way to stretch their bodies along with flexing their feet and claws.

Now that you know the imperative benefits of scratching, it is highly advisable that you don’t discourage your pet from this instinctive behavior. While most cats love to scratch a vertical surface such as the bark of a tree, there are some who would be happy to scratch an object placed horizontally as well.  What you can do instead is encourage your cat to scratch some specific objects, that you don’t mind getting spoilt, such as the backside of an old carpet. However, if you do not have any scrape objects that you wouldn’t mind getting spoilt, it is best that you invest in some modern cat furniture. In today’s time, there are more than a dozen of options that you can look into in order to get that perfect scratching post for your pet, but our team of experts happen to be in love with the PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge. Not only does this qualify as one of the chicest looking modern cat furniture, but also acts as a relaxing lounge or the pet, thus proving to be great value for your money.

Constructed of recycled cardboard, this environment-friendly modern cat furniture comprises of non-toxic glue. The most effective tool that enables natural scratching, the curves of the Scratcher Lounge ensures that your cat enjoys resting on it, Not only does it offer an astounding look to your home interiors but also ensures that you pet gets its fair share of exercise and is relieved of all the stress that might build up due to various situations. Naturally attractive to cats, this piece of modern cat furniture will help you preserve your beloved home interiors along with its costly furniture for a long time to come.



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 Cat Litter Box – Hagen CatIt Hooded Cat Litter Box

Most cats prefer to use litter boxes and aren’t too fussy about any aspect of these, right from how many boxes do they have at their disposal, where there are placed, or what’s inside them! However, there are certain cats who tend to be a little picky in terms of the place they want to answer the nature’s call. For all we know, the reasons why they might or might not like a place to eliminate are known only to them. However, our team of experts on pet behavior have zeroed in on some of the most befitting reason, why cats find certain places ‘unpleasant’ to dispose of their waste. Here are they-

·         The place isn’t as clean as they would like it to be. Given that the sense of smell that a cat possesses is much stronger than that in humans, it is more than likely that a cat catches the fact that the place is unkempt and smelly.

·         The place is either too small or too large making the cat feel vulnerable.

·         The place is difficult to reach to.

·         The cat doesn’t like the litter.

·         The cat doesn’t like the location, maybe because it’s too far, too noisy or too open.

·         The cat is either too young or too old to make it to the place in time.

·         The cat relates certain unfavorable instance with the place.

All of the above are common and the most validated reasons for a cat to dislike its pooping place, however, with a little effort you can ensure that your cat takes a dump at the same place, every day, every time. All you need to do is to pick the safest cat litterbox and place it in an area which your cat prefers the most.

Most cats love to relieve themselves in an area which is dark, covered and offers them a sense of security. It is for this very reason that it is recommended for you to bring home the Hagen CatIt Hooded Cat Litter Box.  Ergonomically designed to meet all the needs and preferences of cats when it comes to the perfect place to eliminate, the Hagen CatIt Hooded Cat Litter Box will naturally attract your cat. Undeniably the safest cat litterbox, it offers complete privacy to the feline, while also ensuring that the litter is retained inside the pan, thus helping your home stay clean. The large hood facilitated in the box can be easily lifted up to gain access for cleaning. This astoundingly safest cat litterbox comes with a built-in bag anchor that helps in hassle-free cleaning of the bag, without soiling your hands. The carbon-impregnated filter facilitated in the box ensures that all unpleasant smells, like that of ammonia, are efficiently trapped and do not escape the box. For what it’s worth, the carbon filters can even be purchased separately, just in case it gets maxed out. Some of the most important pros of this safest cat litterbox are –

·         It is large enough for the cat to comfortably move, dig as well as stand up.

·         It comes with rounded edges ensuring that the litter doesn’t get stuck in the corners.

·         The bottom of the box fits snuggly with the hood, thus leaving no room for the urine to leak.

·         If the cat likes to stick the head up while using the box, the door can be conveniently folded to create a virtual moonroof.

·         The design of the box helps in easy and hands-free scooping of the litter. 

Given the immense benefits of this safest cat litterbox, no cat owner should wait another minute before ordering it online!



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 Cat Tree Furniture – Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo

More often than not, cats tend to rely on vertical areas which are heighted with respect to their safety. Moreover, any resting space that is located on a height ensures that the cat is assured of its prowess in general, especially in a multi-cat household. It is for this reason that it is highly recommended to invest in cat trees for large cats.

Not only will a suitable cat tree offer a sense of security to the cat, but will also ensure that your feline’s life is full of fun and comfort. For those who haven’t explored the innumerable benefits of offering aplace to the cats that are higher than the floor level, you will be more than surprised to see the drastic shift that cat trees for large catswill bring in, especially with respect to the uplift in your cat’s mood.

Cats have an inborn liking for both horizontal as well as vertical territories unlike us humans, and thus incorporating cat trees for large catsas a part of our home décor can help them enjoy an authentic feline lifestyle thus ensuring a happy household for everyone involved.

However, you must not simply pick a cat tree based on its visual appeal. Here are some factors that need to be considered before finalising the cat tree that you wish to bring home –

·         The tree you pick must have at least a couple of flat perches, especially if you’re a multi-cat household.

·         You must only pick a tree that seems suitable for the size of your cat. If your cat is heavier than 8-10 pounds, make sure you only opt for specially designed cat trees for large cats.

·         Make sure that theperches are large enough to accommodate the cat completely. Your cat will simply reject the tree if it doesn’t find it comfortable enough or if one of its limbs keeps hanging.

·         You must take care of the fact that the tree is made of pet-friendly material and is completely non-toxic in nature.

·         The tree should be stable enough for the cat to move around it freely and must ensure durability.

With due consideration to all the above factors, our specially picked team of pet experts highly recommend the purchase of Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo. Available in a commendable variety of hues, this aesthetically pleasing tree can easily blend in with almost any type of home décor. Ideally designed for indoor as well as outdoor use, this tree will surely lure your cat right at the first glance. Given that they’re extremely easy to assemble at any place of your choice, the Armarkat cat trees for large catsoffer an astoundingly hassle-free experience. 



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 Cat Litter Mat – Etymology Premium Cat Litter Mat

For every cat owner, the consistent use of the designated litter box by the cat proves to be the key to a clean and fresh home! However, in most cases, this is not nearly enough. While the cat may use the litter box every single time without fail, chances are that the cat will track the litter all over the home through its dirty paws, making your home an undesirable mess, not to mention smelling as bad as one can possibly imagine it to. What’s worse, is that sometimes this litter also travels to the expensive rugs, plush sofas and hard to clean carpets. Not only is this extremely unsightly, but also rather unhygienic.

 Hence, it is highly recommended for you to opt for the best cat litter mat, that you can place either under or right in front of the litter box, that your cat is trained to use. In this respect, the Easyology Premium Cat Litter Mat happens to have won the accolades from our team of pet experts.

Not only will the use of this unarguably best cat litter mat ensure that home stays prim and proper, but also make sure that your cat stays clean. This mat is ergonomically designed for complete comfort tothe paws of your furry pet and is just textured enough so as to clean them while it walks over it.

Available in a wide range of colors, you will have no problem in picking the mat that perfectly suits your taste. Made of extra thick PVC material, this mat weighs just a little over 2 lb, making it extremely easy to move around and clean, as and when required.  It’s water-resistant plastic material ensures that cleaning up this mat is as easy as ABC. Thankfully for you, its light-weight doesn’t interfere with its sturdiness. Not only does it stay in place perfectly well, but also protects your floor without fail. Measuring an astounding 35”x 23”, this best cat litter mat helps keep your home litter free with the maximum possible efficiency. For what it’s worth, this mat also doubles up as a perfect doormat, especially when it is raining or snowing outside so that your shoes don’t bring in any dirt inside the home.

Now that you the impressive benefits of thebest cat litter mat, we’re sure you will want to order more than just a couple of them!





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 Cat Litter – Precious Cat Ultra-Premium Clumping Cat Litter

Cats have a natural tendency to excrete in soft soil so that they can bury the waste with ease. As and when they take a dump, they cover it up by using their paws in a backward sweeping motion. Given that this isn’t possible in the situation when the cat is kept as a pet, homeowners, usually fill up the litter box with at least an inch-thick layer of cat litter. This filler is nothing but a granular material that helps in more than one ways. Firstly, it helps the cat keep its instinctive desire of covering up the feces, while also offering it the satisfaction of eliminating on a soft soil like material. Next, it ensures that all the odor as well as the moisture of the waste is contained.

In this regard, clay, recycled paper pellets and silica-based crystals are the most commonly used materials. Some owners also make use of natural dirt to stimulate the cat’s natural instincts.

Given the importance of the use of cat litter, our team of pet experts have ranked the Precious Cat Ultra-Premium Clumping Cat Litter as one of the most premium choice cat litteravailable in the market.

Made up of granulated bentonite clay, this cat litter clumps when wet, thus forming a distinct mass. It can hence be easily scooped out from the box and disposed of in a hassle-free manner. It is because of this distinctive property of this premium choice cat litter, that the moisture doesn’t reach the bottom of the litter box, and helps it stay clean and hygienic, effortlessly.

Essentially hypoallergenic in nature, this substance does not contain any plant proteins. Completely free of any dust particles, this premium choice cat littermakes use of non-tracking, heavy granules, which ensure lesser mess.

Perfectly usable in both, sifting as well as mechanical litter boxes, this premium choice cat litteris all that you need to give your cat an ideal experience so that it can eliminate in peace.




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 20Cat Scratching Tree – TRIXIE Pet Products Gandia Cat Tree

Scratching is essentially an instinctive behaviors in cats, which helps them relax their muscles, remove of the dead upper skin off their paws, relieve stress levels, as well as mark their territories. Given that this behaviors is innate to the cat, it is highly unlike that the cats get rid of scratching as a habit. As a matter of fact, most pet expert as well as veterinarian advice in favor of encouraging the habit of scratching in your feline friends.

That being said, it isn’t nearly practical to let these little furry beings to scratch anything and everything. This can be controlled by driving their attention away from precious things in the house, such as carpets, rugs and sofas as well as the furniture. This can be taken care of in one of the following ways –

·         Off-limit furnishings and other precious things can be covered in repulsive materials such as aluminium foil or sticky tape so that the cats stay away from them.

·         Citrus, menthol and other such strong smells are disliked by most cats. Hence these can be used to drive the cats away from expensive or important items of home décor.

·         If the cat is caught scratching an item of importance, a loud sound or thud should be made in order to impose that the act is not acceptable. When done a few times, it will help the cat in redirecting its scratching habits towards other acceptable items. 

That being said, it is more than crucial to introduce the cat to a designated scratching spot or post rather early, so that it doesn’t develop the habit of scratching everything that comes in its way. It is for this reason that our team of pet experts recommend every cat owner to bring in the TRIXIE Pet Products Gandia Cat Tree. The best cat treein all respects, this cute looking product is essentially wrapped in a plush fabric that is both astoundingly beautiful to look at, and extremely soft to touch. Facilitated with natural sisal scratching post, it offers the perfect scratching spot for your feline companion. The post is made of wood and is covered with a coarse material so as to offer the most realistic experience to the cats.  

Facilitated with a metal rim, this best cat tree is as sturdy as one can imagine it to be. Moreover, it has a rustling tunnel for the cats to enjoy a playful time.



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 Cat Playpen/ Cat Home – MidWest Homes for Pets – Cat Home

While it is more than an incredible experience for most of the time, owning a cat can sometimes prove to be a daunting task. It is for this reason that you must consider the alternative of getting a cat playpen in the house. A playpen is nothing but a simple portable fence that can be set up either inside your house or in your backyard for your pet to enjoy ample playing space, that too in a hassle free manner.

•             If your household has infants and/or young children, a cat playpen can come in rather handy, for the simple reason that it will help offer a demarcation of play areas.

•             For occasions, whenyou need to host guests the use of a cat playpen makes sure that both, you get to enjoy an uninterrupted time with you guests.

•             A cat playpencan also prove to be of great help in cases when your feline friend is getting restless and needs its own time and space to calm down, or simply enjoy a peaceful nap.

•             More often than not, a cat playpen proves to be the most effective exercising area for your little fur babies, given that they can run around, and climb up and down in them with complete freedom.

•             Some pet owners also depend on playpens to enjoy an unobstructed meal time with their friends and family.

In order to ensure that the cat playpenyou pick is the most comfortable for your cat, you would want to choose the one which will allow enough space for your fur baby to walk around while also having ample space to keep its food and water bowls. You might also want to look for a playpen that can accommodate at least a couple of cats, especially if you’re a multi-cat household. Moreover, it is essential for the cat playpen, that you chose to have at least a couple of resting benches so that you cat can pick up its favorite one to enjoy some resting time. In addition, unlike the playpens designed for dogs, a cat playpen must necessarily have space for horizontal movement for the feline. Not only will this help it in getting some exercise, but will also ensure that it enjoys its time while in there.

The idea is simple, the more comfortable your cat feels on the other side of the fence, the more likely is it go there without throwing a fit! This will mean that you can save a lot of time that would otherwise be spent on overlooking its activities, and save your precious furnishings and home décor items from getting damaged or broken!

In this regard, the MidWest Homes for Pets – Cat Home proves to be just the most ideal pick. Facilitated with a removable as well as leak-proof ABC plastic pan, this playpen comprises of as many as 3 resting benches for your cat, not to mention a cat bed as well. What’s more is that this playpen is enabled with 4 wheel casters that aid easy movement as well as positioning of the playpen as per your needs and preferences.

The most impressive feature of this cat playpen is that it is completely collapsible and can be easily stored or carried around, as per the need. Made of strong metal wire, this playpen stands out thanks to us black E-coat finish that helps prevent rust.



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It is for this reason, that our team of pet experts have come up with a list of the best 7 buys with respect to the upkeep of your cat!

All you need to do is take a scrupulous decision with respect to the things that you would need in your home for the little furry friend of yours. That being done, you can rest assured of having a gala time with the pet, that too in the most hassle-free manner possible! Now, which pet owner in the right mind would deny such a glorious opportunity!

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