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Do the names Giovanni de la Fontana and Karl Drais mean anything to you? Well, Fontana, an Italian engineer, is said to be the creator of a wheeled, human powered vehicle in the year 1418, which was considered to be the first bicycle. A further 399 years later in 1817, Drais, a German inventor, invented the modern bicycle.Ever since then the cycle has traversed a glorious journey of high adoption as a means of transportation before giving way to motorized transportation vehicles. However, a ray of sunshine can be witnessed with cycling becoming popular once again both as a means of transport and a hobby.The ubiquitous bicycle has undergone tremendous advancement from its simple avatar as a common man’s means of transport to the sophisticated mountain terrain bike avatar of the affluent as a premium hobby. Matt Powell, sports industry analyst, The NPD Group, says that cyclists are gravitating towards multipurpose bikes which can be used both on and off road.Obviously, cycling enthusiasts like you demand the best from your bicycles. It is of paramount importance to you to maintain your bicycle in top condition. This aspect has spawned a variety of support services that involve a host of applications and products to undertake cycle repair.


 Multi-Function Bike Tool – Crank Brothers Multi Bicycle Tool (19-Function)

Crank Brothers Multi Bicycle Tool

Imagine a situation when you are riding your favorite bike on the national highway with the wind on your face and the pedals responding to your legs readily and the road slipping by smoothly on the wheels and suddenly you find something amiss. You stop the bike and inspect what the problem is. Then, you reach for the faithful multi-function bike tool in the toolbox of your bike. After you identify the problem and in a moment’s time you are able to set right the problem and you are on your way again.The Crank Brothers Multi Bicycle Tool (19-Function) is an essential bike toolthatmust never be away from your bike. The tool can be used for repairing a variety of bike problems faced by bikers like you with the help of 19 different tools comprising:

  • 7 hex wrenches
  • 4 spoke wrenches
  • 2 open wrenches (8- and 10-millimeter)
  • 2 Philips screwdriver (large and small)
  • 2 flathead screwdriver (large and small)
  • 1 T-25 Torx driver
  • 1 universal chain tool

As can be seen from the variety of different tools available in the essential bike tool you could almost assemble a bike from loose parts. So, solvingany sort of problems you may encounter during your bike ride is a cinch with this fantastic tool.The essential bike tool weighs just 6 ounces and comes with a cute polymer carrying case so that it can be easily carried on your bike or person. In fact, its 6 x 5 x 1 inchessize is smaller than that of an iPhone.Obviously, the essential bike tool comprises items that are extremely durable on account of the materials used:

  • 6061-T6 aluminum
  • 6150 high tensile steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Polymer

These tools have withstood the test of time and even after a number of uses they retain the functionality.The essential bike tool is capable of handling almost all types of common problems faced by the biker and some of the other problems too in emergency cases. For instance:

  • Our tool helps you to true a wheel in an emergency
  • Our tool is compatible with almost all 11 speed chainson the market, including SRAM and Shimano 11 speed chains

In fact, we have received reviews from users who also praised the utility of the essential bike tool in repairing items other than bikes such as furniture.We have examined the credentials of these tools along with other brands with the help of avid bikers who tested the various brands for us. These tests were carried out over a few weeks involving rough rides in the country side and easy rides on asphalted roads. Our test bikers encountered a number of problems and were able to solve them with the help of the tools they carried supplied by us. We collated their responses and we were not surprised when they unanimously declared the Crank Brothers Multi Bicycle Tool (19-Function) as the best bike multi tool they have worked with.The best part of the best bike multi toolis the very thoughtful limited life-time warrantyoffered by Crank Brothers.

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 Bike Repair Stand – Bike hand Pro Mechanic Bicycle Repair Rack Stand

Bike Repair Stand

When you wanted to repair a bicycle therewere days when you had to call someone for help to hold the bike while you repaired the bike. Or, you would lean the bike on a walland try to accomplish the task with great difficulty. Now, a bike repair stand is on the market that will alleviate your bike holding problems. The Bike hand Pro Mechanic Bicycle Repair Rack Standis a sturdy stand that will conveniently rest your bike so that you can quickly get your repair job done without too much of fuss.We have scoured the Internet and searched for the best bike repair stands and we found several of these. We selected a few and gave them to our test panel by masking the brand names. Our test panel users put the stands to use and great abuse and gave their feedback. We are proud to present the result which was overwhelmingly in favor of the Bike hand Pro Mechanic Bicycle Repair Rack Stand.The best bike repair stand we are talking about is a stand that comes with excellent features:

  • Can easily carry the weight of a cycle up to 55 pounds
  • Can be clamped on seat post or top or side tube
  • Has just three quick release functions to set up the stand quickly
  • The same three release functions help in the reverse way to quickly fold it back
  • The stand is made of alloy aluminum
  • The stand holds the bicycle steady without swerving or tipping

Three quick release functions help thebest bike repair stand to be set up as follows:

  • The foldable stand can be released by the quick release lever to release the legs and lock it in place
  • The height at which you can suspend the bicycle can be adjusted to be between 39 and 59 inches by the second quick release lever.
  • The jaws can be released by the third quick release lever.

The best bike repair stand features jaws to hold different sizes of bikes.

  • The jaws unit itself can be adjusted to rotate both horizontally and vertically through 360 degrees
  • The bicycle can be held in any position convenient to you for you to conduct repairs
  • The jaws are sturdy and soft (with padding) at the same time to ensure no scratches appear on the frame
  • Clamp joints feature tightening knobs to hold the lock position solidly

The best bike repair stand is versatile and can be put to a number of uses:

  • The stand offers clearance to rotate a crank with pedals installed
  • The stand can be used for chain scrubbing
  • The stand holds the bicycle steady for any repair jobs that requires steadiness

The best bike repair stand is very useful to possess as it keeps your bicycle steady while you are working on it. The stand is so compact and simple and easy to use. It is easy to set up with just three quick release levers to operate and equally easy to fold up and store it before next use or transport it in your car.

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 Bike Chain Repair Tool

Bike Chain Repair Tool

Oumers Universal Bike Chain Tool With Chain Hook, Road and Mountain Bicycle Chain Repair Tool, Bike Chain Splitter Cutter Breaker, Bicycle Remove And Install Chain Breaker Spliter Chain ToolA bicycle chain has upwards of 114 links and a chain link comprises anouter and an inner link thus accounting for two pieces with a central hinge. In order to remove say two links you will end up removing four pieces and three hinge points as well. With so many links in a chain it is entirely possible that you will face issues with the chain. The chain, being the life line of the bicycle, will render the bicycle useless if even one link is broken. This is where the bike chain repair tool comes as a life saver, and from our extensive research we found the Oumers Universal Bike Chain Tool to be very effective and hence we are recommending that tool.The bike chain repair tool is an extremely effective tool to quickly set right any issues with the chain. It is designed thoughtfully to undertake chain link repairs easily without too much ado. It comprises many features such as:

  • Chain pin breaker
  • Integrated chain hook holder
  • Metal frame with rubber coated grip
  • Unique groove to help gauge the length of the pin – in or out

The bike chain repair tool is a tool that does more than it promises:

  • A hollow thumbscrew helps to hold a pin if accidentally pushed out of the link
  • Comes with a spare pin (very handy when you lose a pin)
  • Comes with a hook for chain
  • Compatible with 7/8/9/10 speed chains
  • Compatible with normal bicycle chains
  • Possesses a ‘loosening shelf’ to loosen stiff links

The bike chain repair tool is a biker’s friend as it provides a great service when you need it the most, especially with the chain. The design of the tool is robust and compact making it portable. The tool is made with solid metal that withstands the rough and tumble of dealing with tough pins and links on a chain.Material used to manufacture the bike chain repair tool possesses superior strength and durability. The solid metal frame comes with a rubber coated grip that ensures anti-slip handling.Before recommending the Oumers Universal Bike Chain Tool we conducted some amazing tests with actual riders:

  • We did some accelerated tests to ascertain the durability factor and the Oumers bike chain repair tool passed the test with flying colors
  • We also tested the tool for its easy to handle feature and we found the Oumers bike chain repair tool stood up to the test extremely well with users reporting that the feature was indeed real and they could repair easily with the help of this tool
  • In tests that examined the ease of disassembly the tool performed admirably with some users being able to perform the task in record time
  • In tests that examined the ease of reassembly the tool drew unqualified praise from the users

As mentioned earlier the bike chain repair tool is very compact with its weight just under 6 ounces and dimensions of 6 x 5 x 6 inches.Overall the bike chain repair tool is comfortable to use.

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 Bike Lock – Bike Wheel Lock

Bike Wheel Lock

SIGTUNA Bike locks – 16 mm Heavy Duty Bike Lock with U Lock Shackle and Mounting Bracket + 1200 mm braided Steel Flex CableDid you know that in a recent cycle theft survey in London 45% of respondents had lost at least one bike to bike thieves? The same survey also indicated the lack of bike stands and the need for better locks. At least on one count, the need for better locks, people can heave a sigh of relief as they can now rely on a great bike lock – the SIGTUNA bike locks.The bike lock is a great piece of engineering that even one glance at it you can discern the solidity of its construction and the quality of materials used. Just the looks inspire confidence in the lock and you can be sure it will serve the purpose of securing your favorite wheels. What justifies the looks and its capabilities?The defining features of the lock are:

  • The main lock is a hardened-steel U lock
  • The U lock comes with a double bolt mechanism
  • The lock also comes with a braided 1200 mm flex cable
  • The lock has a muscular mounting bracket
  • The lock can be released with a single button
  • The lock has a Velcro strap

What do these bike lock features translate to in terms of their usage?

  • The main U lock is large enough and strong enough to be used solo (without the cable) directly attached to a railing or a post or a bike stand pole
  • The U lock can be mounted on a frame with limited tubing
  • Flexible mounting is compatible with all kinds of frames
  • Double bolt mechanism provides added safety and security
  • Easy to operate with a single button push
  • The flex cable is 4 feet long, long enough to secure both front and rear tire
  • The center lock mechanism is designed for utmost security
  • The mounting is easy to install
  • The packaging is convenient
  • Instruction booklet is easy to understand and follow

According to SIGTUNA, it has tested its bike locks in the lab and further in actual usage and it is not being immodest when it claims the lock’s multifarious capabilities. Though we take its words at face value we felt we needed to conduct our own rigorous tests to make doubly sure before we recommended the bike lock to you. We carried out a series of tests to determine if the claims made by SIGTUNA are valid. The results are quite encouraging:

  • More than 50 avid bike riders tested the locks for us
  • Most of them confirmed ease of mounting
  • All of them were completely satisfied with the one button push release
  • All of them welcomed the extra length of the flex cable
  • All of them felt that not only were the locks sturdy looking but really sturdy
  • All of them were enamored with the U lock’s solo use capability
  • All of them found the instructions easy to follow
  • Most of them found the lock easy to operate and release

We are in agreement with the claims made by SIGTUNA about its lock and its capabilities. We unequivocally recommend the SIGTUNA bike lock for ensuring the safety of your bike and you should never venture out without it.Source:

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 Tire Inflator – Best Portable Tire Inflator

best portable tire inflator

CO2 Inflator By Pro Bike Tool, Quick & Easy, Presta and Schrader Valve Compatible, Bicycle Tire Pump For Road and Mountain Bikes, Insulated Sleeve, No CO2 Cartridges IncludedYou must have realized during your innumerable bike rides that something can always go wrong and spoil your ride. One of the more annoying problems you can encounter is the deflation of the bicycle tire. The air being sucked out of the tire makes the bike difficult to pedal, and even if you can pedal you will end up causing more harm to the bike especially harm to the wheel rim. An airless tire is also more difficult to push besides slowly harming the wheel rim. One of the ways to overcome such an eventuality is to carry a tire inflator.In order to help you to overcome your tire deflation issues we have recommended the CO2 Inflator manufactured by Pro Bike Tool. This tire inflator is an extremely efficient one catering to your requirements quite superbly.The tire inflator is made to be compact, durable and strong. Some of the admirable features of the tire inflator are:

  • Made of aluminum alloy (as opposed to plastic)
  • The aluminum alloy undergoes heat treatment providing strength and durability
  • Aluminum alloy helps make the unit lighter and compact
  • Threaded connection to ensure leak proof CO2 inflation
  • Compatible with Presta& Schrader valves
  • 12g, 16g, 20g & 25g CO2 cartridges accommodated via uniquely designed inflator head
  • Comes with rubber EVA Foam sleeve for 16g cartridge
  • Detailed instruction booklet
  • Spare o-ring

The tire inflator is exceedingly simple to use besides being safe and secure:

  • Can inflate a tire in a few seconds with the 1-turn valve system
  • Can inflate by just using one hand
  • Control lever operation capable of controlling CO2 release speed
  • Requires no valve head switching when threaded to Schrader and Presta valves

A unique aspect of the tire inflator is the fact that it can be used for purposes other than tire inflation. The inflator is compatible with threaded ‘food grade’ CO2 cartridges made use of while brewing draught or craft beer.Another unique aspect of the tire inflator is the claim of the manufacturer of offering a lifetime guarantee. This is something we did not want to accept without a challenge. So, we put on our thinking caps and came up with a series of tests where the inflator could be used roughly and sometimes also abused to see how much of a bashing it could take.We categorized the users into three groups comprising careful users, indifferent users and abusers. We gave them accelerated tests so that we could compress the time frame. Our results after the tests were really revealing:

  • In the hands of the careful users the tire inflators looked as good as new even after repeated use. The inflating quality remained as good as new
  • In the hands of the indifferent users the inflators suffered some mild damage on the outside but the inflating quality never diminished
  • In the hands of the abusers the inflators looked shell shocked from the outside but the best part was that the inflating quality never suffered

We have to hand it to Pro Bike Tool for their courage to go with the lifetime guarantee. Our tests indeed proved that the life time guarantee is for real.

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 Bike Speedo Meter – Wireless Bike Speedometer

wireless bike speedometer

Garmin Bike Speed Sensor and Cadence SensorBiking today has become a very professional activity. You want to know exactly what you are doing with your bike and your body. It is not just pedaling away. Since man and machine have to be in harmony you want to record what your body does and what better than feedback from the machine. In order to get feedback from the machine you need a measuring device. The device that we are talking about is the bike speedometer, and one of the best bike speedometers on the market is the Garmin Bike Speed Sensor and Cadence Sensor.The bike speedometer is a very simple device comprising several components which are essential for measuring the distance and speed of the bike, and pedal strokes. The tasks are accomplished by the speed sensor and the cadence sensor respectively.The speed sensor in the bike speedometer:

  • Is easy to install
  • Hooks up to the hub of any of the wheels
  • Uses Garmin Edge to calibrate itself
  • Gives accurate speed
  • Gives accurate distance
  • Can be used indoors on a turbo trainer

The cadence sensor in the bike speedometer:

  • Is easy to install
  • Attaches to crank arm of any size
  • Measures pedal strokes per minute

The bike speedometer is a no nonsense device that does not use magnets. It also does not need any alignment or any other calibration. All you have to do is to attach the sensors and you are on your way to measure the speed and distance traveled and also measure the pedal strokes that you make.There is hardly any maintenance required for the wireless bike speedometer. A great feature of these sensors is the compatibility with any bike.The bike speedometer package contains

  • The speed sensor
  • The speed sensor sleeve
  • The cadence sensor
  • The cadence sensor straps
  • Instruction manual
  • Lithium Metal batteries

The product dimensions are a neat and compact 2.4 x 1.6 x 1.4 inches, weighing only 0.5 ounce.The wireless bike speedometer is an exclusive product made with advanced technology. The bands are made of Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) which makes them very strong. The sensors use the same technology that smartphones use called as accelerometer technology, which is able to measure the rpm of crank and wheel. The data thrown up by the wireless bike speedometer is very reliable.Since this is a measuring device we needed to benchmark the performance of the sensors. We enlisted the services of bikers from several disciplines. We chose mountain bikes and other bikes with different gear speeds. We provided the sensors to the bikers and asked them to collect the data from the bike speedometers.We have to confess that we were not expecting very accurate data from these tests. However, to our pleasant surprise we found all the bikers expressing their great satisfaction with the measurements recorded by the bike speedometers. They felt that the data over different days of biking proved to be reliable and they gave full marks to the bike speedometers for their faultless performances.Based on our test results we recommend the Garmin bike speedometer to you for measuring the speed and distance and pedal strokes.

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 Bike Puncture Repair Kit – Mini Bike Pump with Glueless Puncture Repair Kit

Fits Presta & Schrader (No Valve Changing Needed), 120 PSI Mini Portable Cycle Frame Pump for All On & Off Road TiresOften, when you are cycling you find yourself in a spot of bother when the air pressure in your cycle tire comes down drastically and you seem to have a flat tire. In your essential bike tool kit you whip out your tire inflator and use it to inflate the tire and you are on your way once again.But, you find the tire deflates once more and then you realize you may have a puncture in your tire. This is where the bike puncture repair kit you received as a bonus when you purchased the Vibrelli mini bike pump tool comes as a life saver.The bike puncture repair kitis actually a glueless puncture repair kit. It is so easy to use. It is as easy as sticking a plaster on your wound and almost follows the same process.You identify the place where the puncture has occurred. Then, you buff the area around it and then place the patch on the puncture. That’ it! Your tube is ready for inflation.

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Products such as portable tire inflator, tire changing tools, patching a tire kit and bike multi tool are essential bike tools which help you to overcome problems faced with your bicycle while on a cycle trip. The bike wheel lock serves the purpose of securing your cycle when parked. The bike repair stand allows you to undertake preventive maintenance easily at home. The wireless bike speedometer acts as a dual purpose tool to measure the performance of the man and machine.We want to recommend to you the best of essential bike tools to make cycling activity a pleasant experience for you, and therefore we have sifted through the host of bike tools on offer in cyberspace and researched them thoroughly to come up with our own list of 7 bike tools that you must possess. To back up our cyberspace research we initiate a continuous research program that involves between 50 and 100 actual users to try out all the products that we research. We then incorporate these findings into our recommendations. Rest assured that all products that we recommend are well researched to ensure you get the best products available on the market.The bike tools that we present in detail in the list that follows are: Multi-Function Bike Tool, Bike Repair Stand, Bike Chain Repair Tool, Bike Puncture Repair Kit, Bike Lock, Tire Inflator and Bike Speedometer.We are sure you will find these tools absolutely worthy of your attention.

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